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  • winsabokk winsabokk Mar 22, 2011 7:57 PM Flag

    Political certainty and energy investing

    just a global theme that seems to be getting increasingly important in the oil patch...including in the US.

    <<For anyone who follows energy issues, the President’s press conference on Friday was a breathtaking example of his ability and willingness to lie about America’s energy needs and reserves while obfuscating his administration’s relentless attacks on the nation’s coal and oil industries.

    Libya would never be the focus of attention for NATO or the US if not for oil in the region.

    (Brazil is not there)

    democracy? LOL.

    If about democracy, how about Saudi Arabia and the abuses there?

    Only reason we don't hear about the abuses there is because there's NO freedom there...never mind freedom of the press.

    So little to no media coverage and Saudi Arabia is among the most evil of monarchies in the world yet Obama bows to the SOB?

    And the Obama administration makes multi-billion dollar arms deals with Saudi Arabia so they can keep their people and neighboring countries (Bahrain and Yemem) under control?


    Disingenuous ??

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