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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Apr 4, 2011 1:51 PM Flag

    George Soros loaded up on PBR


    "The real issue I have with Obama is this. Outside of displaying more intelligence, a cool demeanor, and putting more competent people in place, how is Obama any different than GW Bush? With the exception of the health care law that doesn't really kick in for three more years, where are the policy differences?"

    His appointees are more competent? Who exactly are you thinking of? Give me some examples.

    As I say you just make stuff up and probably don't even have anyone in mind from either administration so this is probably a waste of time.

    How has he displayed intelligence? Specifics please. Or are you thinking of his playing golf more times in his first year and half than Bush played in 8 years. Or his March Madness picks during multiple crises? What exactly are you thinking of?

    Or maybe it was where Obama mistakenly read the Irish Prime Minister’s speech on a teleprompter and thanked himself for inviting himself to the White House. Really.

    Policy differences - Massive new health care plan that creates over a hundred new bureaucracies. Huge spending increases. His joke of a "stimulus". Shoveling billions to GM and Chrysler because they are union. Arranging the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies so that union health plans get fully funded and salaried plans are ended. Gulf of Mexico drilling ban. Suspending Alaska drilling permits where it had been previously permitted. Pulling missile defense from our eastern Europe allies to satisfy Russia. His anti-Israel stance. Negotiating a really awful missile defense treaty with Russia. The most corrupt and politicized Justice Department in history (and it's not even close).

    General flouting of the law - a judge found the Obama admin in contempt for the drilling ban - to no effect. Preventing Chrysler secured bondholders from receiving the money they were legally due. His EPA is moving ahead with carbon regulations that Congress has never passed. His FCC has issued internet regulations after a judge ruled they have no legal authority to regulate the internet. His use of unconstitutional czars that can't be confirmed. His Libya action without submitting the request to Congress under the war powers act. HHS head Sebelius has issued insurance regs that they're not legally authorized to issue. Sebelius threatening insurance companies who say they've had to hike premiums because of the new law.

    Extremist appointees like Medicare appointee Donald Berwick who likes the British health system. Many other wackjob appointees like that.

    This is just off the top of my head. It goes on and on.

    "It is becoming more and more clear to me that the manufactured outrage over Obama is racially based. When it comes to policy issues, Obama has governed almost the same as any Republican would have."

    It is more and more clear to me that you're a nut.

    This topic is deleted.
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