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  • rgneckow rgneckow Apr 1, 2011 12:32 PM Flag

    Faber sending mixed signals ?

    <<< Faber predicts now that the financial system will ultimately break down, and even forecasts that the current fad of printing money in the West will lead to World War III. In the meantime, own stocks, real estate and commodities, not bonds and cash, he recommends.
    Among his favorite current calls: invest in natural gas, now very cheap, and Japanese stocks. Beware the U.S. stock market, particularly small- and mid-cap stocks. Gradually buy gold. Real estate is a bargain, though not in China and Hong Kong. Emerging markets are likely to continue to correct, and the U.S. dollar should gain. >>>

    Faber is a stock market bear, and says beware of the US stock market... so I take that means buy foreign stocks only. But he says emerging markets will continue to correct, so that narrows the field. And many of the emerging market plays are commodity ?
    He also recommends own NG, but not US mid cap stocks or emerging market stocks. So buy the commodity NG ? That not easy, or perhaps mid and small cap NG stocks are an exception ?
    He says buy gold, but also says that the US dollar should gain.... could be that both go up together, but not the norm.
    He also says do not be in cash... but again that the US dollar should gain. Hmmmmm.

    So what I take away from this is:
    RE is a bargin
    Own NG in some fashion
    Own foreign stocks, but not emerging market
    Own commodity stocks, but not neccessarly emerging market
    Own Japanese stocks

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