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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Apr 11, 2011 2:15 AM Flag

    Blast from the past

    and you still think it is loyal.

    On ANWR, "Last week, the Senate voted 51-48 to endorse a requirement for the Interior Department to begin oil lease sales in ANWR within two years. The House seemed on the same path."

    So in 2005, drilling on ANWR passed the Senate and House, yet when the Senate and House met to hammer out the differences on the budget, ANWR drilling fell through.

    "The decision to drop the the ANWR drilling language came after GOP moderates said they would oppose the budget if it was kept in the bill."

    Oops!! The Republicans? Say it ain't so. What about Ilap and the Democratic filibuster?

    "The budget bill is immune from fillibuster, but drilling proponents suddenly found it hard to get the measure accepted by a majority of the House."

    So the reason there is no drilling in ANWR is the Republicans lost their cojones. Way to tell the truth, Rush Ilap!!

    <The Republicans plan to go for much bigger cuts for the 2012 budget.>

    Yeah, sure.

    "The roots of Boehner’s problem stretched back to last fall’s elections, which propelled him to power. On the campaign trail, Republicans promised that they would cut $100 billion from Obama’s budget proposal.

    Now, there were 87 new freshmen in the Capitol, and many of them believed that would happen.

    But it was a promise Boehner couldn’t keep."

    What else is new?

    As for the tea party being an economic movement, it was once more shown to be a front for the same ol' same ol' Republican social conservative nuts masquerading as economic conservatives.

    "With almost 24 hours to go until the government shut down, Obama gave Boehner an ultimatum on the speaker’s push to include abortion-related restrictions in the bill.

    “John, I will give you D.C. abortion. I am not happy about it,” Obama said, according to a Democrat and Republican in the Oval Office. Boehner had been pushing to include both the restriction of government funding on abortions in the District of Columbia and a provision that would have placed limits on funds going to nonprofit groups that provide abortion services nationwide, including Planned Parenthood.

    With the D.C. provision in hand, Boehner continued to push the president, aides said."

    Yep, Boehner wanted to shut the government down over effing Planned Parenthood.

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