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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant May 12, 2011 3:21 PM Flag

    OT: semis

    I'm looking at AIXG, IPGP, VECO, ASML....maybe even FFIV is the price is right. CLF still good imho.

    I still haven't taken any positions. I'm waiting for a correction....could be months could be days with the kind of volatility we have. When it happens, I'll let you know lol!

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    • Good list. Some more names: ALTR, FNSR, SOLR. Consider USD, the 2x semi- ETF. Intel dominates but you do get some diversification. Plus INTC is undervalued.

      CREE looks to have stabilized after a big drop. Could be interesting..

      Macro: I cannot imagine a big move up until we know what the fed is going to do post-QE2. Summer is typically weak, anyway. So maybe the thing to do is horde cash and wait til Fall. The economy does not seem to have enough juice to keep stocks up. If the Fed announces QE-3 we could be good into 2012. If not, we probably trade sideways in a difficult market. If interest rates rise for any reason, look out below. The market wants a weak dollar, low rates and lots of free money.

      Since you are culturally attuned to these things: Is a cajun aword for french redneck? LOL

    • oh...and ASYS as well.

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