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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant May 15, 2011 8:19 PM Flag

    Conspiracy and the MARKET.

    Arwen, my main concern with the whole 911 conspiracy thing is that there are at least 3 or more different theories out there. The conspiracy theorists can't even agree with themselves. You've got people saying that Bush did it, Israel did it, England did it.

    Which camp do you believe? The David Hawkins crowd, the 911 truthers, etc,etc, etc.....

    Each group will argue that the other is wrong etc....

    I think they are all absurd.

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    • There are enough facts to show the official version is nonsense and that there is a cover-up. That is why the country needs a real investigation. Not like the Warren Commission or the 9/11 Commission. One intended to find and reveal every relevant fact. No time limits. No budget limits. No sacred cows.

      "...That importance concerns the covenant that exists in a
      democracy between the government and its people regarding the matter
      of honesty. A democracy depends on an informed electorate, and it
      ceases to be a democracy when its agents conspire to deny the people
      the truth."

      "Democracy is no democracy when it is conducted in the dark.
      When the people are forced by its own misdeeds to distrust their
      government, the nation is weakened and the democracy itself is
      imperiled. As harsh as may be the truth here exposed, it can be hoped
      that these revelations will inspire a greater responsibility in
      government and thus justify the people's confidence in it."

      --Walter Cronkite (on Incident at Sakhalin)

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