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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Jul 4, 2011 12:53 PM Flag

    Good Read 4 LED Investors

    Thanks for your reply, Jaq.

    I agree with your assessment of these semi companies... who is gonna win? Who knows? OTOH, nobody has a dominant position like INTC, but that has not helped their stock; Maybe a dominant, deep moat doesnt matter. In fact, the key to semi- investing is probably cyclicality. On that basis the sector is probably a hold or even a sell at this time.

    Misc thoughts:

    PCP - good play on aicraft demand. Are you familiar with BEAV?

    ISRG... wow! a 50% move YTD! Strength! Am I too late to get on board?

    IRBT - interesting idea, but PEG is 1.4. Maybe the growth is there, maybe not. Seems a likely target for a larger defense contractor. I thought the japanese were dominating conumer robotics applications

    Ebix and CTSH: I have never had much luck with software consulting companies or vendors linked to a specific industrial vertical, only with dominant players (e.g. orcl, goog), or companies acquired by a larger player. The problem is: These companies are not only battling each other, they are battling the IT departments at their clients. and they are subject to the business cycle of these clients. When/if the client grow big enough, they develop their own software. It comes down to outsourcing. Fine, good idea. So why not buy an Indian software outsourcing company..

    Tim Horton - I am not familiar with the concept, but restaurants are a pretty competitive, low margin, high fixed cost, labor intensive business. Chart looks amazing, though. Why them and not, say CMG?

    GL, Happy 4th. Rock on!

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