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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Jun 28, 2011 11:38 AM Flag

    Good Read: US Economic Cycle

    So this is what I would call: Playing Bb Major and its Phrygian mode at D. The Phrygian mode contains the notes of the Bb Major scale, but since you are starting on D instead of Bb, the intervals between the notes are different. Phrygian is a minor scale, 2 half steps (frets) from the C which is the Dorian Mode (also minor) of Bb. These minor modes contain a flat-3rd (kind of the definition of a minor scale) and encompass the notes of the pentatonic minor scale, which is why they sound *bluesy*. Within a scale the modes are largely inter-changeable -- a seemless leap from one mode/position to another... Changing scales, or improvising on a mode of a DIFFERENT scale is the the hard part (for me)....


    You can also explore the progressions/chords/positions associated with other modes, all using the same set of notes, just starting on a different note of the major scale: E.g. Mixolydian (very *jazzy*), Lochrian, Lydian...

    I got some value from this article which connects the Greek Modes to Pentatonic scales.

    The Cyberfet website is pretty good, especially the scale and chord finding application (Java required) --- highly recommended.

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