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  • rgneckow rgneckow Jul 12, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Maybe the sky IS falling!

    ahahahaha.... nobody is stopping WB from paying more taxes if he wants to. Is he doing it ? NOT ! If he want to pay more why doesn't he just do it to he has his fill ?
    Warren B. is all bark and no bite when it come to that BS. Please tell me about more people wanting to pay more taxes, I'm all ears.

    Asserting that because I'm part of a particular social class requires that I have a class interest is wrong sir. That is the equivalent of saying a person of a particular racial group has to be a racist towards other races... not true musk.

    BTW- these clown lawmakers expect us to pay our taxes... and pay more all the time. But they don't seem to want to pony up themselves. At least four people in BO's cabinet was guilty of not paying taxes, what's up with that ?

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