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  • winsabokk winsabokk Oct 20, 2011 10:18 PM Flag

    U.S. hunger problems worse than China-Gallup

    The trends are clear and Obama's policies are doing nothing to help matters but in fact are making things worse.

    If he would sic the DOJ on the financial crooks on Wall Street and put some of the cabal of financial parasites out of work instead of having the EPA hassle the real wealth and job creaters in industry , that would have significant impacts for the rest of the economy.

    Just think of the multiplier effects and increases in tax revenues!

    Of course, that will never happen because it's these same Wall Street firms that were among Obama's biggest campaign supporters and if not for that (and the owners of the Fed), Obama wouldn't be there.

    He serves at their pleasure till they decide on a replacement.

    (Cain being groomed to replace him?)


    Gallup found that in the past 12 months just 6 percent of Chinese said they worried about feeding for themselves or their family, compared to 19 percent of Americans.

    This is a huge reversal in just three years ago. Three years ago, those results were almost reversed: 16 percent of Chinese said they lack money to put enough food on the table at times, compared to 9 percent of Americans.


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    • hi, i really did not want to go on with this but i must respond to your long and thoughtfull post.

      <Basic question: Was it an accident, or on purpose? Bad judgement or deliberate attempt to injure?

      Be fair.>

      The original hit is an accident the back wheels(when he continues) comes close to murder in my book.,

      <then consider how the Chinese behave over here..>

      I don't care , they are in the states and have to follow american law and culture , it;s like saying i'm french when i lived in france 9 out of 43 years.....
      do you change the tribe or does the tribe change you...??

      The rush hour , busy , tight , commercial street thesis doesn't stand a little bit in my opinion, i respect yours . You don't live there ,looked calm to me ,, my thesis is they are all brain dead.....all 17 of them.

      <I've been fortunate to meet and interact with many Chinese people over the last 20 years or so and truth be told, they are more compassionate than most Americans are.>

      Take a trip , meet some locals...
      Naaaaa, black button for you. The US pays for 80% world charity, such as red cross.
      Your children and grandchildren might not think so highly once China takes over as world police ... in ALL countries the bad comes out once you have the power... But since we don't have 100 years to prove my point...


    • I'd like to elaborate on this Chinese video and explain further why what we saw 'might' look worse than it appears.

      Unfortunatly this child has since died but some background info here might help explain what we saw.

      China is a developing nation with huge population problem, we all know that.

      But China is also trying to integrate new ways of doing things against an old backdrop of crowded cities and neighborhoods and this might not be fully appreciated.

      However, from a quick look and a bit of thought, some things do become apparent from the video and looking at the surrounding neighborhood.

      And my guess is this was a commercial/industrial district with lots of commercial traffic in the streets and perhaps not an expectation that a child would be running out like that unattended.

      China does not have the luxury to locate all it's new commerce out into the suburbs but instead have to integrate all this new activity within existing and very crowded neighborhoods.

      So unlike in the US where industrial and commercial facilities are often built in dedicated areas that are often far away from residential neighborhoods, things are a bit different in China.

      Furthermore, businesses in commercial districts in the US are set back much further from the streets and this affords much more visibility and time for drivers to see and react to whatever might occur.

      We also have better markings for street names and addresses so drivers are perhaps less distracted and can pay better attention to their driving.

      So before we get jugemental as to how bad the Chinese are based on this video, lets take a second and imagine what it's like in that environment.

      Keep in mind, everyone there is hustling trying their damndest to earn a living. They can't afford to spend an hour /day or longer idly chatting at their local Starbucks or wherever.

      They also do not have workers' rights as we know them if working for an employer nor the luxury that we do to be civil and always stop even if they happen to have a good line of sight and lots of time to react to a situation.

      And that clearly was not the case here and some snap decisions were forced on these people.

      This doesn't excuse everything that we saw but I think it helps explain some of it and in an environment like that, I'm not so sure that everyone on this board would have reacted much differently given the circumstances that they face over there.

      Until we walk or drive a mile in their shoes where a child wanders out on to the street where anyone of us as a driver might have been distracted by who knows what (looking for an obscure address? or whatver), I'm not so sure we should be so quick to pass judgement on the Chinese culture as a whole.

      Basic question: Was it an accident, or on purpose? Bad judgement or deliberate attempt to injure?

      Be fair.

      then consider how the Chinese behave over here.

      I've been fortunate to meet and interact with many Chinese people over the last 20 years or so and truth be told, they are more compassionate than most Americans are.

      You can also see how they encourage and take an interest in their children.

    • Doritos, cheetos, microwave pizzas, Mcdonalds, blah blah blah. America is the fattest country in the world and the poor are the fattest demographic. I think the fattest of the fat are the minority community in ole' alabama, also the poorest community.

      "hungry" in America is laughable on a global scale. In other countries the hungriest people are the skinniest not the fattest.

    • <20? An exaggeration and simply not true>

      I had only seen the video once and said that out of my head. I just looked again and counted 17 including the drivers before the SECOND lady pics here up, big difference, sorry for the math. The rest of your comments the video are not worth the response.

      I also make my judgment on chinese on one trip and living in the chinese neighborhood in Buenos Aires for 15 years(Barrancas de Belgrano ) , quite a change in that time by the way.

      I used the words " even more " because obviously we are quite messed up in the west also. But Chinese " son un asco " "are disgusting" in english, in so many ways its ridiculous. Comparing a Chinese or it's culture to say a country such as Japan in 2011 is just plain ......They are like different planets , and i reffer to their thoughts.AS for the USA i also think it is (still) way better than China, and GREAT .
      But i respect your opinion on world " culture"

    • <Gallup found that in the past 12 months just 6 percent of Chinese said they worried about feeding for themselves or their family, compared to 19 percent of Americans.>

      Jeez, like Americans need to worry about too little food with our rampant obesity rates?

      This is just more on the Chinese "miracle".

      Well, Mish did a little post on the Chinese miracle, and there is a VERY disturbing video about China:

      What Mish wrote is: Instead I propose the China story is really about rampant credit expansion, malinvestments, unproductive assets, no free capital markets, centralized planning that people mistake for capitalism, no real legal system, no freedom of speech, and no respect for either property rights or human rights.

      That sounds about right to me.

    • It seems ironic in many respects. Don't get me started on the EPA. I agree with Ricky Perry, the EPA is blocking a boat load of potential jobs.

      Cain? I hope not. It's still Romney or Perry at this point. Can you imagine a Romney/Perry ticket? At this point after the last debate nobody can, given a bit of time and ego realignment, it could be the Democrats worst nightmare.

      Wins, are you implying the Dems want Cain in? Please explain the "grooming" aspects. Cain doesn't look electable at all at this point imho. They are tearing apart the 999 plan. He has no foreign policy skills.

      • 2 Replies to jaquecroissant
      • What jobs exactly are being suppressed by EPA rules? If you want to reduce government waste - go after the Mother Lode:

        See this:,0,5898358.story

        In their book, based on several hundred interviews, Priest and Arkin map out a largely invisible parallel universe of more than 1,300 federal agencies, nearly 2,000 private companies and 854,000 people doing "top secret" work. Spending for counter-terrorism, they note, has skyrocketed without members of Congress or anyone else really knowing what works and what does not.

        A few examples: Some $81 billion is spent to gather foreign intelligence. The Homeland Security Department spends $58 billion, while the Pentagon spends untold billions more on counter-terrorism and homeland security. With so many duplicative agencies, bureaus, programs and gizmos, the counterterrorism effort is beset with "disturbing dysfunction."


        Arkin determines that 33 large complexes for top secret intelligence work have been built around Washington in recent years — equivalent in size to three Pentagons. That doesn't include five new buildings to house the ever-expanding CIA, a vast new complex for the National Security Agency in Utah and scores of other facilities around the country. Much of the top secret work is doled out to savvy corporate contractors, which have boomed in the recession. Some offer shiny BMWs and fat bonuses to hire away CIA analysts and others with top secret security clearances so they can then offer them back to government agencies at inflated prices.

        The burden is substantial. The authors cite a recent study by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (another group created in the last decade) which found that private contractors make up 29% of the workforce in intelligence agencies but cost 49% of personnel budgets.

        Does the bloated system work? The two plots that have come closest to causing mass murder in the United States — the attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet over Detroit in December 2009 and the attempt to detonate a car bomb in New York's Times Square in May 2010 — both failed because the bombers were incompetent, not because of U.S. efforts. Both were intelligence failures.

        "It was a mistake. And if I had known what was going to happen, I would never have done it....Now, as nearly as I can make out, those fellows in the CIA don't just report on wars and the like, they go out and make their own, and there's nobody to keep track of what they're up to. They spend billions of dollars stirring up trouble so they'll have something to report on. They've become...its become a government all of its own and all secret. they don't have to account to anybody. That's a very dangerous thing in a society, and its got to be put a stop to. The people have a right to know what those birds are up to. And if I was back in the White House people would know."
        --Harry Truman

      • Jaque, the 'grooming' I'm referring to is by the PTB behind the Fed.

        And it involves BOTH parties.

        As far as I'm concerned there's very little to differentiate the likes of Romney, Perry, or Cain from Obama.

        .. or even Clinton (Hillary too) or Bush(both) as previous holders of the title.

        The establishent owned or owns them all.

        Ron Paul the only guy worth our support IMO and the only reason he gets as little MSM coverage as he does is because he's not an establishment or 'company' man.

        the fact that he's also the only one that might do somethng about the Fed is also worth considering in terms of why the establishment or MSM won't get behind him.

        This is not a coincidence.

        The OWS crowd would do well to listen to what RP has to say.

        He's the only one to speak to the issues that both they and the Tea Party crowd really care about.

        A true uniter....and an underdog.

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