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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Dec 20, 2011 4:10 PM Flag

    just a thought about today.

    Dow up 2.85% , why am i not happy ? I put up my positions today .

    1)Because fitch put 6 countries and its bank on ratings watch and nobody mentioned it anywhere. Is "insolvent" an english word ?

    2) take a look at chinese manufacturing chart,please.

    3) Oil up on worries of Iran(ok , I know the bs there) but also on North korea, so important geopolitically for oil...

    4)Just once i would like the banksters NOT to get year end bonus.

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    • <<The president is only the veneer, and the elections are only the tribal rituals we undergo to confer some legitimacy on the institution. In reality, the nation-state lives and thrives outside any “democratic mandate.” Here we find the power to regulate all aspects of life and the wicked power to create the money necessary to fund this executive rule.>>

      "wicked power to create the money "

      They who control the Fed, control the govt... therefore, the people.

    • Obama the best thing ever for the military-industrial complex?

      <<John T. Flynn, like other members of the Old Right, was disgusted by
      the irony that what he saw, almost everyone else chose to ignore. In the fight against authoritarian regimes abroad, he noted, the United States had adopted those forms of government at home, complete with price controls, rationing, censorship, executive dictatorship, and even concentration camps for whole groups considered to be unreliable in their loyalties to the state.>>

      Point 2. Government is a de facto dictatorship based on the leadership principle.

      I wouldn’t say that we truly have a dictatorship of one man in this country, but we do have a form of dictatorship of one sector of government over the entire country. The executive branch has spread so dramatically over the last century that it has become a joke to speak of checks and balances. What the kids learn in civics class has nothing to do with reality.

      The executive state is the state as we know it, all flowing from the White House down. The role of the courts is to enforce the will of the executive. The role of the legislature is to ratify the policy of the executive.

      Further, this executive is not really about the person who seems to be in charge. The president is only the veneer, and the elections are only the tribal rituals we undergo to confer some legitimacy on the institution. In reality, the nation-state lives and thrives outside any “democratic mandate.” Here we find the power to regulate all aspects of life and the wicked power to create the money necessary to fund this executive rule.

      As for the leadership principle, there is no greater lie in American public life than the propaganda we hear every four years about how the new president/messiah is going to usher in the great dispensation of
      peace, equality, liberty, and global human happiness. The idea here is that the whole of society is really shaped and controlled by a single will — a point that requires a leap of faith so vast that you have to disregard everything you know about reality to believe it.

      And yet people do. The hope for a messiah reached a fevered pitch with Obama’s election. The civic religion was in full-scale worship mode — of the greatest human who ever lived or ever shall live. It was a despicable display.>>

      Ronald Reagan used to claim that his military buildup was essential to keeping the peace. The history of US foreign policy just since the 1980s has shown that this is wrong. We’ve had one war after another, wars waged by the United States against noncompliant countries, and the creation of even more client states and colonies.

      US military strength has led not to peace but the opposite. It has caused most people in the world to regard the United States as a threat, and it has led to unconscionable wars on many countries. Wars of aggression were defined at Nuremberg as crimes against humanity.

      Obama was supposed to end this. He never promised to do so, but his supporters all believed that he would. Instead, he has done the opposite. He has increased troop levels, entrenched wars, and started new ones. In reality, he has presided over a warfare state just as vicious as any in history. The difference this time is that the Left is no longer criticizing the US role in the world. In that sense, Obama is the best thing ever to happen to the warmongers and the military-industrial complex.

      more at the link... two parts

    • Thanks for those details about Ron Paul. What a background.

    • As for the Ron Race-war* .... I think perhaps he just got the wrong term. Twenty two years ago he did not possess the political correctness to use the proper modern term. He should have said "class war"... I think we are there now, so perhaps he was right.

      You're might be right about BO and foreign policy, BO's history is so short there is not much to conclude.... he is fortunate not to have been a long career politician. Surely there would be more dirt to find than there is on RP.
      Yes, BO kept our fighters out of Libya, but only because the united forces were successful by securing the country by other means. However, he DID support US military action in Libya.

      There is not a heap of actual "war" voting history from BO to go on with regard to foreign policy. However, he did make the decision to escalates the war in Afghanistan in 2009.
      Furthermore, BO voted along with Clinton for some $300 billion in war funding since entering the Senate in 2005.

      Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

      He has never voted to raise taxes.
      He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
      He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
      He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
      He has never taken a government-paid junket.
      He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

      He voted against the Patriot Act.
      He voted against regulating the Internet.
      He voted against the Iraq war.

      He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
      He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

      Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

    • Hopefully, Ron *Race-war* Paul and The Donald with draw enough Republican-fringe voters to make BOs re-election a cake-walk. But I doubt it.

      (RG, I just do not get why you think the guy who is trying to clean-up the Bush legacy is a war-monger... Given the chance, he kept our fighters out of Libya.. etc.)

      Mitt Romney is formidable candidate because he is a formidable person. That kind of success comes with a certain amount of baggage and we shall soon see if his business career and political flip-flops turn the voters on or off.

      Newt scares me... a career politician with academic pretenses and a *non-profit* business empire running as the common man*s outsider. Common, the guy embodies contradiction and falsehood. Will the real Newt Gingrich please stand up....

    • <<< So you don't mind if your vote helps us into another bogus war, this time with Iran? >>>

      Did I REALLY say that ? Hmmmm
      That's a bassackwards way of pinning me into a corner. The US military is one of many issues that need to be addressed.

      First of all, I have stated on this message board since I've been posting here that I support RP for prez. .... long before he announced he would run as a candidate for the 2012 election. He IS my candidate of choice.
      As I have stated here before, my vote for president more times than not is a vote against a particular candidate rather than a vote for a particular candidate.

      Your vote for RP will mean nothing towards change in military policy if he is not elected... then you can blame BO or whomever you will for the future wars.
      If the man(Dr.) can get elected is a win win for me. BO looses and I actually for once get the candidate of my choice.

      BO fits the mold also of describing those that will enter another useless foreign war( or policing action). So, I reiterate, I will prefer to see almost any of the other candidates over BO for many reasons.

      RP's policies only mean something to those whom support him if he can get elected, so when the time comes, if he ends up being unelectable in my view ... I'm not voting for him.
      That's really what I was really sayin.

      I hope his popularity continues to grow. RP has already indicated that he is serving his last term as Congressional representative. If he does not continue into presidency... his career in politics will be coming to an end.

    • 100% correct PB.

      Appears that RP the only candidate not owned by the establishment.

      Meaning the MSM, Banking interests...including the Fed, and the military/environmental/ indusrial complex.

      If the OWS crowd wants to clean things up, they need to rid the nation of (career) politicians that are bought and paid for by the establishment otherwise the status quo remains.

      Nothing but lies, corruption, back door bribes and inside trading from most of these career politicians....especially from the lawyers.

      The legislation that gets passed has little to do with what's for the good of the country now, it's all about what is good for the establishment and WS.

      The people's liberty and interests get sold to the highest bidder.

    • So you don't mind if your vote helps us into another bogus war, this time with Iran? I think every major candidate besides Ron Paul will take us there. Mass murder, or Ron Paul. Those are the choices, imho.

    • RP has many supporters at Fox Business.

      Obama has had difficulty in DC as a Dem. president, RP might fight a bigger battle attempting to make change.... I dunno.

      I'm still voting for the most electable candidate when the time comes. My aim as a voter is to defeat BO... I don't care much who it is, I'll gladly take Hillary.

    • What do any of these messages have to do with PBR?

      • 1 Reply to drainlax
      • absolutly nothing. Pbr is a deaD STOCK AND WILL BE for a while,but we talk about it occasionally.

        we are all here to make internet buddies and more ,to have overall discussions on the world economy, politics, face rape accusations,stocks, oil my ADhd , places to live and other OTs.
        and to avoid the typicall yahoo boards full of jerks who think they are gods.please chech PM board as an example.
        You are welcome to stay or leave.
        happy holydays drainlax!

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