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  • fstout57 fstout57 Mar 19, 2012 2:35 PM Flag


    XOM a 410B with a PE of 10 Price per share is $87.00
    Chevron a 291B with a PE of 8 Price per share is $110.00
    COP a 100B with a PE of 9 Price per share is $78.00
    PBR a 183B with a PE of 9.91 Price per share is $28.00

    COP is the closest comp. in PE. PBR has a larger market cap but can be purchased at a deep discount in comparison to the $78.00 a share for COP. Exxon is double the market cap but is 3 times more per share than PBR. Either PBR is way low or Exxon is too high. A PBR comp to XOM would put PBR shares at $43.00 and we all know that is too high. The point is Exxon is overpriced and there are still buyers coming in. The stock market is pure and simple gambling with manipulation OVER-riding
    any technical study.

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    • Yes, I should have. Sounds like fun. With luck, it may be possible next year.

      I have pals who go to New Orleans JazzFest every year, and I have never been. That has just got to change!

    • Now there's the Musk we know and love.

      You should have been in Austin for SouthBySouthwest last week, the beer was flowing and the bands were rocking. Austin at it's best.

    • No... the problem is I am taking myself, and my Yahoo Board experience, too seriously.

      Haha... laugh is on me! Thanks for that, Petro... needed a bit of perspective.

    • You PBR longs just don't get it.

      I can't recall how many times it's been pointed out on this MB what the issues are with PBR, and that this is no apples to apples comparison between PBR and other publicly traded oil companies.

      If XOM and PBR were the same thing, the disparity would not be so great !

    • fstout57: I do not wish to be unkind. Please believe that the following is offered, not as criticism, but as friendly advice:

      No serious investor compares the share price of stocks to determine their relative valuation. Its the PE, not the share price that has (some) relevance for comparison.

      You should not be investing your own money. Find a pro to handle this for you, or do some serious homework before trying to manage your own money.

      Do it now, before you lose it all. And thank me later.

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      • Musket-One last comment to your rude reply. I listed all 4 PE's of each stock. I never buy a stock with a PE over 10. All the info I posted was to compare the PE's, market caps, and price per share. Guess you couldn't wait to post your BLAH-BLAH-BLAH fast enough to do an analysis of each.

      • Musketeer-I know you are not going to believe me but I started investing my own retirement in 1987. I was able to retire by age 39 trading stocks, selling and investing in real-estate; rentals too. I do not hold any stock for long but know when to buy and sell. This is not my first go round with PBR. I also trade NLY, SWY, UAL, MO, PFE and others quite often. I also own several CD's for 5% that are callable in two years plus Gvt. bonds at 4% until 2015 when they mature. I am not an idiot-Just bought a condo on a short sale in Palm Desert where I am enjoying 6 months for the winter. Sold lots of real estate at the top and am getting back in. Everything I own is paid for so if you're going to make nasty comments, why not listen to someone who's already made it. Buy preferred stocks for the divivends and make enough each month to pay your living expenses. What are you doing but bashing me every time I have an opinion or comment? I haven't seen you post anything regarding PBR but every other topic that you can dream up. Why not give everyone your facebook or e-mail to carry on your ramblings?

      • Probably oughta unload that AAPL Musk, it's 21 times as expensive as PBR. And what's up with Berkshire? That's like, thousands.

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