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  • tony_montana333 tony_montana333 Apr 23, 2012 1:32 AM Flag

    PBR and YPF....a toxic mix!

    Argentina steal YPF from Spain, then asks PBR to do more business. Thoughts...opinions?

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    • I saw Repsol CEO on CNN. He is very confident of winning arbitration against Argentina in NY courts.

      If PBR teams up with the new YPF you can bet PBR will demand a document signed by the government of Argentina that any judgements against PBR as a result of working with the new YPF, will be paid by Argentina....

      Worse is the BRICs hitting a wall by Morgan Stanley analyst, very bearish on the BRICS....

      Brazil is set to crash according to Nobel Prize winner Krugman...

      PBR continues to stink.

    • I think more to this than meets the eye.

      My guess is part of the reason (not the only one)for this was
      Argentina wanted to put pressure on the globalists that cow-tow to the US-Anglo banksters.

      Kirchner/ Chavez/ Ahmadinejad fighting the evildoers while others employ more subtle approaches.

      It's the central banksters they don't like (read the Fed, ECB, IMF, World Bank etc)....along with their history involving control of oil.

      And pressure on Spain now is probably deemed opportunistic in order to disrupt cohesion of the EU.

      I find it interesting that there does not seem to be any hint that Argentina will do the same to the mines in the counry but I suppose that could change.

      (I would note that I've read statements from a few in the mining community that they don't expect nationalization of mines FWIW)

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