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  • s.eranger May 11, 2012 6:55 PM Flag

    docjoe...Ellruss..and the arrogance on this message board..

    Dear docjoe,

    Thanks for this response.

    I really don't care what people think on an anonymous message board.

    I see you've been doing some research. Did you pull my tax returns as well. For the record..DOM, UNG and PBR were not my selections, although I did invest in them. Like I said, I've made money and lost money. I can list all my big winners, but it's irrelevant.

    "You know allot more than I do?" That sir, is quite debatable. You might know allot more about PBR, but I wouldn't get carried away.

    I have not attacked you, nor am I whining. I made a statement\observation. Plain and simple.

    "Slink away?" You're quite confused. I've never slinked or backed down from anything in my entire life. You don't even know me.

    The rest of this is rhetoric. I'm glad you've done well. I have no issues with anyone doing well, or being smarter than me.

    No one is trying to shoot you down. You are cocky, and that's fine.'re having a love affair with yourself.

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    • <'re having a love affair with yourself.>
      I have a love affair with the truth, and I don't take kindly to moral relativism, gutlessness, finger pointing, or stupidity. You want to impress me? Try putting up some information that has the chance to make me and others here money.

      <"You know a lot more than I do?" That sir, is quite debatable>

      Debatable? Sure. Everything is relative to a lawyer type like you. You are passive-aggressive and a skilled liar. Wrong? Not at all. I read your posts. There was zero useful information. All I read from you could be categorized as insults and chest beating. Yet you accuse ME of having a life affair with myself.

      <I have not attacked you, nor am I whining.> This is what I mean. You attack me, whine, and then claim you don't. You are a skilled liar.

      <For the record..DOM, UNG and PBR were not my selections, although I did invest in them.>
      This is what I mean by pure gutlessness. If you want cred on this board, this is exactly what you DON'T do. Own your bad picks. Jeez, what a coward you are.

      <Like I said, I've made money and lost money.> Oh no, YOU have made money. Others have lost you money. And I am having a love affair with myself? Only a lawyer type could lie with this much skill.

      <I've never slinked or backed down from anything in my entire life. You don't even know me.>

      I know that you have zero value to this message board and don't have a clue as to how the market works.

      I actually enjoy a good debate when it comes to facts and differing points of view. it keeps me sharp. I want to know if I have messed up and am missing pertinent information. With you, it was all about ego and insults. Bleccch!!!

      As far as slinking away, of course you will, and the reason is simple: you are boring. And I am getting bored just responding to you.

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      • s.eranger May 12, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

        Actually...I'm not here to impress you...Your feedback was valuable, and my guess is you'll turn out be right on PBR, as US dollar keeps getting srtonger...bad news for the real.

        "Skilled liar, passive-aggressive and a lawyer type." You're a schmuck.

        Are you the janitor of this message board?

        Dom, PBR, and UNG were not my adviser suggested them, and I didn't do my due diligence. The fact is most of the big winners I've had..EMC, WDC, COP and many others were my portfolio is fairy sizable, and I own raw land as well as having two other business ventures besides my regular form of employment.

        I do understand how the markets work...they are based off emotion and greed primarily. Of course, I have no doubt you've never lost a dime, because of your super-high intellect.

        I'm truly sorry if I've rained on your parade.

        You may no proceed as the janitor of the PBR message board, tough guy.

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