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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Nov 14, 2012 6:39 AM Flag


    so who is believing this sex scandal?
    Like, does anyone reading this really care? They should be talking bengazi not pinapples .
    The recent " twin " picture reminds me of the Oswald picture back in the days, you would think they could of gotten better in photo shop in 50 years.
    Anyway , it worked , i was distracted and now i have a smile on my face instead of thinking where did all those trillions go?

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    • She is a graduate of West Point. Clearly in Frace he would be congraduated as his wife of 30 years looks manly and why castigate a hero, four star general for getting some on the side. Shame on the press. His private life should be private.

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      • "Shame on the press. His private life should be private."

        Well, the press, of course, didn't create this mess and there's no way to avoid digging up the circumstances of his resignation. Nor is there really much blame worthy of note on the official side, either, as far as I can tell, other than the priniciple players -Petraeus, Broadwell, the twins and the other General. Congress just needs to stay out of it and I think they will.

    • Certainly a way to divert attention from the real problem.....Benghazi. Talk about perfect timing!

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      • Yes, the timing all very interesting with respect to much that has occurred WRT Benghazi.

        who knew what and when are all very interesting questions that point right up to the top and at Obama.

        Truth be told, it was Obama's orders that told the admiral to stand down and the chain of command had him immediately relieved of his duties when the admiral indicated that he was going ahead and going to offer assistance to the men on the ground in Benghazi.

        This was all before Obama told everyone through the media that he called for any and all assistance to be given to the men on the ground at Benghazi----which was obviously a lie.

        assistance to these men would have been uncalled for if it were merely a demonstration against a muslim movie which was the narrative Obama stuck to for two weeks after the attack.

        OTOH, not giving assistance to these men on the ground and telling the admiral to stand down was clearly a highly questionable call given that Obama knew full well that there was an attack.(watching a live feed from a drone according to some reports)

        Another truth be told, I'll bet Obama is more despised by the troops than any other President.... be they black, white, or any other color..

        Liars and traitors don't get much respect among such men.

        If Obama could only stick to one story...


        As an aside, is there any govt dept that isn't politicized now? (The EPA, DOJ, SEC....even the SC becoming a joke.

        The political appointments Obama has made match his ideology and incompetence---at least he's consistent.

      • "Certainly a way to divert attention from the real problem.....Benghazi. Talk about perfect timing!"

        The Petraeus thing is big news because it reads like a trashy novel. I don't read trashy novels or the National Enquirer, but I did spend about two hours the other night flipping through the stories trying to understand the personalities involved. The whole thing does make pretty good reading. It's also important in a way, because it should show these guys in power how easily they can fall and how that could potentially hurt the country.

        Benghazi was a tragic mistake on someone's part, but it is totally unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Benghazi is not Watergate with its dirty tricks, nor is it the Clinton affair, with Clinton's hubris and irresponsible disregard for the noise that that would create throughout the nation. There may be some things to be learned from hearings on Benghazi, but there should be no politics involved. Benghazi was an election time football. The fact that some political types would like to make it a football to prevent other progress maybe makes me glad that we have the Petraeus thing to divert the attention.

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