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  • onesearch26 onesearch26 Nov 16, 2012 2:45 AM Flag

    Recent buys

    I bougtht Dell a couple of days ago at 9.40. The valuation is ridiculous. While Hpq and Microsoft ( and the market, I think) were showing weakness, it was showing strength. So, I'm taking a wild guess that the knife hit the ground. Thursday I bought some Hpq. Again, ridiculous valuation. I think I bought at 13.02.

    I'm looking to probably buy MSFT and Csco soon. Csco when the earnings pop wears off a little. Msft when I can figure out a good entry point. Anyone here have an opinion on Csco?

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    • buy CRUS crazy undervalued here, great business with AAPL will be 45 by Spring when AAPL love comes back will do a buybback soon 200 mill in place waiting.......I think today, really do!!

    • Just thought I'd drop a point about valuation of Dell and Hpq. After I bought Dell at 9.40, the stock is now trading at 10.36 - about a dollar more in two weeks. This is even AFTER they reported disappointing earnings that sent the stock down from where I bought ....into the 8s, I think. Even more impressive, HPQ is trading at 13.24.....which is 22 cents more than it was trading when I confessed a buy at 13.02. And what REALLY shows the importance of how badly beat up the valuation of these stocks that in the meantime, we had this incredible story....almost the story of the year as far as board incompetency goes.......about how the board was taken to the cleaners on the Autonomy deal. Even such a powerfully negative story about a company in leadership disarray still couldn't keep the stock dunked below where it was. Just too much value there.

      Hey, maybe the me and arwen's banksters know something after all :) (Sometimes you just need to toot your own horn)

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      • Glad the trades are working for you, onesearch. Toot, toot.. The market has reversed course upward in the last couple weeks, and HPQ and DELL have outperformed. Dell is up almost 7% today on a GS upgrade - that helped!

        The stocks are cheap - just look at those ugly charts. Maybe you get what you pay for, or maybe there is hidden value. Since I can see GARP/Value more easily elsewhere, I´d rather pass on the faith, hopes and prayers required to invest in HPQ or DELL. Considering the companies, apart from the stocks, I just do not see either of them with strategicor competitive advantage in anything, not in cheap, not in cutting edge, not in mobile, not in cloud, not in services.

        I like FIO (, storage), CRUS (fast growing Apple supplier due for a comback), TSM (long term chart is rock solid, near term trends positive), BEAV (lots of planes being built and re-furbished), AAPL (of course) , Energy Services (I like horizontal driller HP), might step into GOOG - which owns internet advertising, including mobile, construction materials (housing), metals and met-coal (talk about fallen angel value). I am not making any major moves until the fiscal cliff thing gets resolved - it´s just a cloud over everything.


    • hpq, is the number one ranked stock in two of my banks. GL.
      I also see msft as cheap.
      Still think downturn not over.

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