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  • waddawhat2002 waddawhat2002 Dec 13, 2012 11:31 PM Flag

    They need to reform welfare/food stamps

    1/3rd of all Welfare recipients reside in 1 state. California. How sad is that? Why does Obama insist on adopting the failed California model?

    What I don't understand is why there aren't more restrictions on say Food Stamps. How come they can go in and buy Doritos and Coke and salty TV dinners? Why aren't they given some basic healthy options. Food stamps should be basic somewhat healthy food to keep you alive, no more no less. If you don't like it then get a job and buy your own dang food.

    I also believe in voting restrictions on welfare. In the past you had to be a land owner to vote. Now basically anybody except a felon can vote. Why should people on welfare be allowed to vote? If you can't take care of yourself and pay nothing into the system then why should you have a say in how we run the system? Because you have a pulse? Get out of here.

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    • Nice post, WAW. That California number is scary. I think the far fetched notion of Texas leaving the Union may became more main stream in the coming years. As you suggest just a return to the Republic it was meant to be would bring people here in droves. That the U.S. was meant to be a Democracy was the biggest lie the liberal fascists have ever told.

      Anytime anyone says "tax the rich", they are liberal fascists. Taxing the rich would solve a small, small piece of the overall deficit. I don't have a problem with hedge fund masters of the universe paying the same as everyone else, but progressive tax rates discourage productivity. Benefits have to be cut. Period. The liberal fascists are dumping all their economic woes on the next generation. It is little wonder than that 85% of the kids graduating from college are forced to move in back home.

      To me, the TSA is the example of an organization that completely stands out as an affront for everyone to see of the Federal Government ignoring everyone's civil rights. Freedom of Speech is limited, and Warantless searches are conducted by the millions. Probably THE most disgusting excuse given for this complete abridgement of civil rights is that "TSA activity makes me feel safer."

      That is how a Republic will end with people handing over their freedoms to groups like the TSA with a smile on their face.

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      • Passing debts on to the next generation.
        The flower power baby boomers always talk about leaving the earth pollution free for future generations. They say it is wrong to leave them with a polluted earth. Yet at the same time they have no problem passing on 15 trillion dollars of debt to those same people.

        Texas secession.
        They are talking about secession in Catalonia Spain. Even though Catalonia is more liberal than the rest of Spain they have a similar gripe. They produce 15% of GDP but pay 20% of the nations taxes and that money goes to the rest of the country and now Madrid wants to disproportionately impose austerity onto their region. 25% of the population of the entire region protested. It is one of my favorite stories and I do believe it will get uglier. The regional president seems hell bent on secession and Madrid seems hell bent on keeping the union together. A majority of the region wants to leave.

        I really want to puke when I see this "everyone deserves a voice" #$%$ on TV. Everyone deserves to vote? How about everyone deserves to pay taxes? Is that just too mean asking for everybody to contribute? Why does the welfare rat with the needle in his arm have the same 1 vote as Bill Gates? We are equal as people but do we all contribute equally?

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