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  • waddawhat2002 waddawhat2002 Dec 14, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    Bought more apple

    I think a lot of the selling pressure is hedge funds and retail investors taking gains to pay 15% taxes instead of higher Obama rates. The stock could slingshot up within a month.

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    • Nice gains to be had from AAPL if you trade it right.

      I traded in and out, long and short today. The stock had a reversal day today, the share price dipped to a new low, but recovered and closed at the highs of the day... quite bullish on the candlestick charts.
      I even kept a few shares for tomorrow.

    • I bought more Apple indirectly with QQQ. I already have a big enough position in the stock itself. Is it dirt cheap? Yes indeed. P/E of 11....yikes, that's cheaper than MSFT!

    • It could be tax selling, but I'm not convinced. If it were tax selling, wouldn't other stocks selling at 52 week, or multi-year highs be being sold and dropping also ?
      I think it's a normal correction, but not saying it make make new highs anytime soon. A death cross combined with raised margin requirements is a killer. I imagine lots of margin calls over the past couple of weeks. Once a stock is broken technically, it doesn't recover easily, at least not without a good catalyst.

      Yet, in my view the PE is too low for a company growing at 25%, if in fact the growth is actually that high. Att some point above $400, the share price should find a bottom and retest $700... or at least $600. AAPL will be a good trading stock for some time to come, it's a good one already.

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      • Hi rg, good trading stock indeed. I have been using structured products with apple, doubled on them yesterday.. i now get paid $ 95 per day by apple, o yea with downside protection down to 438...
        I just have to make a final comment , nok outperformed apple by 60% in the last 3 month. My option has gone from .17 to .70 . It is still under one percent of my portfolio, just..
        6 month ago some doush on here said " lumia who"? . I was also bashed for mentioning the real possibility of a comeback just about three month ago. Like , how can we listen to a dum guy who likes the future of nok better than the big mighty apple...Sure i liked nok valuation better than apple 3 month ago..turned out i was right. The idea of these blogs is the FUTURE has hard as it is ti predict. At least for me.

        You are one of the few true listeners , the reason why i give you these final thoughts, the others may now continue .... to talk about what is working for them" NOW " .
        Good trading RG.

        Ps , yea yea i didn,t retire but i won,t bother much.

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