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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Dec 21, 2012 9:27 AM Flag

    GOP = Economic Terrorists

    Just like the debt ceiling disaster of last summer. Damaging the economy to save the economy? How sad, dangerous, and pathetic. Like sayng the last recession wasn´t bad enough, we need another recession. Shall we call that insane, or just stupid?

    Can´t lead. Won´t follow. Guys, do us all a favor and just get out of the way.

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    • Boehner is NOT by any means ... "my man"
      While is does appear that BO is your man.

      For me, Boehner just happens to represent for me the fight against the Dems easy money policies of overspending and entitlements, in fact overspending in general ...and hopefully against increased taxes.
      That it for me.... quite simple.
      The GOP just happens to be one step closer to the Libertarian platform than the Dems.

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      • BO is about as perfect as you could get when it comes to being an economic terrorist.

        --ask anyone that owns a small business and lives in the real world as opposed to academia and fantasy land.

        Or look back at the last 4 years at the real facts wrt the economy.

        Musky swallows everything in the headlines like the UE rate and accepts it as a valid economic indicator (like the S&P lol) even though there have been a number of posts here that have dug deeper and illustrated for all but the most obtuse that the UE numbers are manipulated to make things look good.

        Of course, this should come as no surprise given he still thinks rates on treasuries are a function of free markets and that these low rates is because the world wants to own US bonds even though Bernanke has been doing most of the buying.

        Tax receipts and overall employment numbers tell the real story but our BO worshipper is blinded by his loyalty and don't think any amount of factual data will ever change his mind.

        Heck, he'll probably still be blaming Bush for the trillion + deficits and the poor state of the economy over the next 4 years.

        Amazing when you think about it. Bush might have run some deficits but exactly what it was that Bush did to the domestic economy to put it in such a hole, I'd like to hear.

        As to BO and what he has done to create uncertainty , there are many things that we can already put our finger on from the last 4 years (including ramifications from a terribly misguided piece of legislation we know as Obamacare) but it's no use trying to explain this to people that think that money can be printed with little consequence or that markets can function well when TBTF banks can hoard all this new capital at the expense of Main Street.

        Crowding out of the private sector is what is happening and the consequences will only get worse as Obama pushes for even more govt control over the economy through more govt spending and agencies such as the EPA who are likely to become even more of a factor in adding to the hassles and red tape for industry.

        Of course, then there's energy policy WRT pipelines (i.e. Keystone) and fracking.

        If this Boy dunderhead does what I think he might WRT fracking, NG and electricity prices will continue to get a lot more expensive and make the economy even less competitive but there's a silver lining here. NG producers-- because of increased nuisance regulations will end up with a much higher cost burden will be forced to do what they should have done a long time ago and slow down drilling big time so NG prices could be a big beneficiary over the next couple of years thanks to Obama.

        And here's the thing, NG proices were likely to go up anyway but now they will likely go up even more so home heating bills will take an even bigger chunk out of consumers pockets over the next 4 years.

        And the chemical plants and industries that were hoping to get established or expand in order to take advantage of cheap domestic NG along with creating thousands of good paying jobs?

        Fogedaboudit--We don't need no stinking jobs..

        Maybe should cancel the LNG and GTL projects too and send the rigs to China.

        All this sound far fetched? Who knows but I give a good chance we see a lot of this happen if the Obama administration stays true to form with ideological radicals making all the decisions.

        Clearly, Obama is clueless about priorities. Just like in his first term he started with an agenda that included Obamacare, paying off the public sector, and trying to push his greeen agenda rather than trying to help the private sector get back on track.

        So now in his second term, we see the first area of emphasis is on gun control???

        I could have predicted as much.

        Meanwhile, good jobs in the private sector will continue disappearing as the tax base erodes further as it fails to keep up to the speed that Obama adds to the debt.

        And believe it or not, govt debt grew about 20 times faster over the last 10 years than private sector GDP did!!

        So Obama wants to raise taxes and allocate even more spending in the economy despite being a miserable failure at most everything he's touched.

        Probably matches his academic record...

    • Really ?

      Perhaps you could explain to us what the Dems have put on the table. Nothing as far as I understand.

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      • Cuts to social programs and higher taxes for those with higher incomes than the Prez campaigned on. Proposals NOT appreciated by the democratic left-wing, but it´s been put on the table as part of an active negotiation.

        OTOH, Boehner basically said "my way or the highway", and stepped in the dog-do of his own right-wing. Counter-productive grandstanding... what a waste of time and wealth.

        If I recall correctly, the GOP lost the election by a substantial margin; they should stand down and let the winners govern. They should allow the pragmatic and effective leadership which has guided the country out of the worst recession in generations to continue to do what is necessary, and not erect obstacles designed to drag the country down.

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