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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Dec 26, 2012 10:42 PM Flag

    The Democrats´ Position

    The idea that the Democrats have not fleshed out a plan or negotiating position is absurd. The plan(per NYT): "Democrats say that Mr. McConnell knows full well what they are proposing: the same Senate bill that passed in July extending all the expiring Bush-era income tax cuts on incomes below $250,000, setting the tax rate on dividends and capital gains at 20 percent, and stopping the alternative minimum tax from rising to hit more middle class taxpayers. Onto that, Democrats would like to add an extension of expiring unemployment benefits and a delay in across-the-board spending cuts while negotiations on a broader deficit reduction plan slips into next year. " In the latest negotiations, Obama has softened this position.

    The big picture is: We will likely go over the cliff. Early next year, the Democrats will introduce legislation to give tax cuts to 98% of us, along with some spending cuts. The Republicans can get on board, or not. There will also be legislation to raise the debt ceiling. The Republicans can get on board, or not.

    The Republicans are losing in the court of public opinion. If they don´t cooperate, the economy will suffer and they will take the blame.

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