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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Dec 28, 2012 6:26 PM Flag

    Oxymoron of the Year: 2012 (drum-roll....)

    Republican Leadership.

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    • The House Republicans WANT ineffective leadership. Republican Leadership IS Ineffective Leadership... almost by definition.

      This is from the Salon summary of the Boehner profile in the Washington Post.

      "A fellow Ohio Republican, Rep. Steven C. LaTourette, told the paper, essentially, that Boehner’s failure to lead with a decisive hand is what House Republicans admire about him. [Look where this stupid anarchy has gotten us.]

      “Boehner’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness,” said LaTourette, who then contrasted Boehner with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

      “She got out there and broke arms and got it done. Boehner has not been willing to do that. I give him high marks for that,” LaTourette told the Post. “But it’s not a very effective way to do business.”

      No, it´s "not a very effective way" to run the most powerful country in the world. The country´s business gets done when the Pubs go home for vacation.

    • MItt Romney didn´t even want to be President. Maybe he sabotaged his own campaign with poor decisions and unpopular positions just so he wouldn´t have to serve.. Great leadership!

      Or Boenher: "The speaker, once seen as the linchpin for any agreement, essentially ceded final control to the Senate and said the House would act on whatever the Senate could produce." Most excellent leadership!

      And the the House Pubs, in general? Our country gets is business done when they go home: "The emerging path to a possible resolution, at least on Friday, appeared to mirror the end of the protracted stalemate over the payroll tax last year. In that conflict, House Republicans refused to go along with a short-term extension of the cut, but Mr. McConnell reached an agreement that permitted such a measure to get through the Senate, and the House speaker essentially forced members to accept it from afar, after they had left for Christmas recess. " Leadership by getting out of the way... That´s the ticket, we need more of that!

    • man you are one lame dood, your mind is fried, you are like a Paraguayan soccer fan on paco.

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