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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Jan 17, 2013 6:41 AM Flag

    what a real bottom looks like on a chart.

    I bought VE just under 10, i spotted a bottom and i just used a ruler...

    VE just announced it is full on nuclear cleanup. For some strange reason..... they are shutting 300 reactors world wide.
    Very mixed feelings on that...
    I just wanted to invest in water and a chart that looked like a bottom ,
    oh and that tiny dividend..
    I have stop loss at 10,50. and think more run up is possible even on a flat market.

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    • Not sure if fundamentals play much into your picks but you like VE, might (?) also like ABB.

      A global infrastructure play on the buildout of electricity generation and transmission in EM's as well as replacement and upgrading in the OECD ....(if they can afford it lol)

      Plays such as this 'should' do a good job of keeping up with inflation (and even beat it) but given the market cap, it'll never shoot the lights out.

      OTOH, the more speculative type plays that can shoot for the stars and leave inflation in its dust have quite a bit more risk.

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      • hi wins, correct, fundamentals had nothing to do with my ve pic...
        i chose it because, uno-it's French.Never had a loss on a "french " trade, karma i guess.
        second, it is diversified into sectors i like.
        In my bottom picking world the chart was hammered for years and double bottomed....i hope..
        10 always a mental barrier in socks.
        Dividend is juicy . Mega cap comp at mid cap price.

        this is the typicall stock i buy , crushed comp that will not dissapear,, like that tiny nordic one....,,, sometimes i am early on these...

    • I still like VE arwen.

      Debt is still high, but the downside on the share price could not be that much lower.

      Revenues are still good, book value is much higher than the share price. Earnings are projected to get back in the black soon.

    • Arwen, I like PHO as a diversified water play.

      I haven't looked at VE. I like that 6.6% dividend yield. I'll have to read up and look at the other stats. Sounds interesting.

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