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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant Feb 19, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    First to 1000, GOOG or AAPL?

    Remember this post? Wow, who woulda thunk it lol. Google looking stronger than many had predicted. I still own both. Google stores opening in the the future....a possibility. Youtube is finally kicking in.

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    • GOOG within striking distance of $1000 now.
      Whowouldathunk ???
      Only six months ago nobody would have imagined that GOOG nearly double the share price of AAPL today.

      I'm not holding nor trading either currently

    • Yes been watching and cursing. As I recall, BBQ and beer for the winner...and I just might be on the hook.

    • Actually jaque, I have been thing of that threat recently, I'm glad you started a new one.
      Yes, quite amazing, bottom line, don't under estimate Google. They are a big player in technology and multimedia. I listen to allot of music, but my listening has mostly become computer based. In other words, I don't fool much with my CD & DVD collection. I use primarily Pandora(paid subscription for 10 cents per day), and Youtube.... free at the price of suffering through some commercials.
      The thing about Youtube is you can listen to what you want as opposed to getting what your served on Pandora. Many audiofiles have turned to computer based listening, but Youtube is cool because you don't need to clutter your computer hard drive with anything. Youtube offers favorites list, playlists and so on... great stuff. I used and old computer that I replace recently and connected it to my stereo. I wifi the signal to my stereo computer and also from my PC to my TV. I watch much of my favorite music via live performances.. more entertaining. I don't down load or buy anything !
      Long live Google and Youtube.

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      • RG, You were right about GOOG. I remember that original contest you and Musk started.
        I love youtube for all the same reasons you wrote about. It's a blast to search and find music or subject matter. I'm always amazed that there is usually someone else looking at the same things I'm interested in.

        RG, On another subject, Have ever heard of Chuck Hughes? He has a fantastic track record. He posts tutorials and trades on his site. He does a lot of call buying. He uses pretty simple rules based trading techniques. He pretty much gives his ideas away on his site. I've been watching clips lately. I'm trying to become a better trader. I admit, that has been my biggest weakness. Gotta go for now....busy day. See you later.

      • Oh yeah, one more thing, so I sit in my chair watching my big screen, conducting Youtube when necessary via a wireless keyboard.

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