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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Feb 20, 2013 5:46 PM Flag


    "... it costs any American who travels to Europe " LMFAO!

    "It costs the Spanish worker bc Spain is still so expensive, Americans don't go there." Glad your heat bleeds for the Spanish worker. Meanwhile, you think the low intereest rates, rising job market and rising real estate values that benefit Americans are a mistake. Why? Today is as clear an indication as one could ask for. Markets think stimulus is good because it help market and helps the real economy. They think remooving stimulus at this time is bad because markets are still weak... Yup, lets take the drip out of the patient´s arm now that we´ve sown him back up. Sure he´s prostrate and can barely walk, but so what, if he can´t stand on his own 2 feet, too bad.

    "Where do you get off saying devaluing the dollar "costs us nothing"?" Devalued? Vs. what? The Yen, No. The Yuan, No. The GBP, No. The Euro, maybe... so one out of 4. Bad odds, Doc.

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    • This article on Bloomberg provides insight into the differences of opinion among the Fed Governors. (Several on FOMC Said Fed Should Be Ready to Vary QE Pace)

      Importantly, none of them feel stimulus is a bad idea or has failed to work. On the contrary, they think it has worked. Some say plans need to be made to wind it down. Others say that is premature and we need more of it.

      But maybe the armchair economists at ZH, and the guys fighting for the rights of the spanish worker know better. Higher interest rates, an endless real estate slump, more recession, fewer jobs, the cleansing power of economic hardship... That´s the ticket!

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