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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Apr 15, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    MSLSD segment on Texas DA killing


    You can call Chris Matthews anything you want — “dimwitted political hack” would be entirely appropriate — but please don’t insult an entire profession by calling Chris Matthews a “journalist.”

    On March 30, Kaufman County, Texas, district attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were shot to death at their home. Five days later, Chris Matthews invited Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center onto MSNBC to promote speculation that McLelland’s murder was committed by the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

    In other words, the important thing about this crime — the thing that made it worth eight minutes of national network air time — was that it gave Chris Matthews a chance to stoke the paranoia of MSNBC viewers with the bogeyman specter of dangerously violent racists who (as all MSNBC viewers know) are the core constituency of the Republican Party.

    Fast-forward 11 days, and Chris Matthews is completely discredited by the latest headlines.:

    Dallas Morning News: Ex-justice of peace is prime suspect in Kaufman DA slayings

    What? It wasn’t scary white supremacists highlighted in an eight-minute MSNBC segment? Nobody that Mark Potok warned us about? Not even a Tea Party member? No, a disgraced lawyer with a personal grudge:

    A former justice of the peace who had been prosecuted for stealing computers was arrested Saturday on charges of sending threatening e-mails to officials in Kaufman County, Texas. Authorities are reportedly prepared to charge disgraced lawyer Eric Lyle Williams, 46, with three murders that had inflamed fears that members of a white supremacist prison gang were targeting law enforcement officials.

    Remember: Murders are only important to MSNBC when they can be exploited to advance a political agenda.
    Chris Matthews won’t say another word about this case — unless it can be proven that Eric Williams is a Republican.

    Headline by Doug Hagin at Daley Gator:
    MSNBC: When you want your news completely fabricated

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    • Democrats and especially the politicians always seem to think they're above the law and if the law doesn't suit, they disregard it.

      Really big on insider trading as a group also.

      I think that if one could ever divide the country based on political affiliation, the democrats would live in a world they deserved and the conservatives could save a bundle on law enforcement and the need for so much security to protect personal property.

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