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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Apr 23, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Global Warming continues


    Per Powerlineblog, which was founded by Minnesotans:

    Earth Day wasn’t kind to the Twin Cities, dumping up to ten inches of snow on the metropolitan area. Over the last week, low temperature records have been smashed all across the Upper Midwest. It looks more like Christmas than May Day.

    The Twins were snowed out last night for, I believe, the third time this season–can you imagine trying to play baseball in that? But I think they are going to try to sweep off the seats and play today. We Minnesotans are hardy, and April snowstorms are hardly unknown, although this year looks to go down as the snowiest April in recorded history.

    All of which is to the discomfiture of local climateers, especially since the same thing has been happening across much of Europe for the last several years. Among the young, as best I can tell, global warming has become a standing joke, the “Reefer Madness” of our time. Which is all to the good.

    I remember the first Earth Day. It seemed innocent at the time, probably because there was no money in it. Or very little, anyway. Environmentalists lost their way when they abandoned the traditional conservation issues that command consensus support, and sold out to governments who paid them billions of dollars to advance a political agenda. Green became the new Red.

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    • Back in ancient times, leaders in Central America believed that if they threw virgins into volcanoes, it would satisfy the God in the volcano and spare the rest of the tribe from an eruption. Of course, that had nothing to do with the eruptions, but you have to wonder what was said by the leaders after such an eruption occurred. "Could you imagine how bad things would have been if we didn't throw in the virgin?" or they could take the Paul Krugman route and say, "we didn't throw in enough virgins."

      The only difference between those tribal leaders and climate "scientists" today is the invention of the PhD degree, which stands for piled higher and deeper. Their predictive ability was the same: awful.

      Maybe we should go retro and consult those ancient leaders and conduct a study to see if we can reverse global warming by throwing PhD climatologists into volcanoes.

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      • Doc, comparing today's climate scientists with the superstitious throwing virgins in the volcano is about like comparing today's medicine with the use of bloodsucking leeches. When your patients come in, do you say "back in ancient times, doctors believed that you could use bloodsucking leechs(sp?) to cure fevers, but since that didn't work, I'm sure that all science since then is equally full of erroneous thinking and there's nothing we should really do about it"

        Yes, scientists can be wrong and the verdict on how severe all of this will be is not in. Comparing it again to the health world, though - at any given moment, not practicing handwashing may or may not be harmful to others, but that doesn't mean that handwashing isn't the wise risk assessed thing to do, in general, given what we know about germs.

    • The dumb liberals changed "global warming" to global climate change. They also say smart things like global warming causes global cooling. Let's create a new government agency to... You just can't reason with stupid.

      • 2 Replies to waddawhat2002
      • liberals and climate change only go together in US politcs. I will try to reason with stupid. you.
        Maybe pictures might help with your tiny iq. Maybe want to google glaciers changing... i think a seven year old would get it. Maybe you can think for yourself one day.

      • he wada ...I'm no liberal....and i probably feel more american than you do.... i will never return...after Boston... you poor soul really have no clue. In the end you will just be a Roman sheeple. . Back to the theme ,,, Yes warming causes cooling in certain places .. by 2030 London and Florida will be under water and i hope you don't live to see that/Va te faire foutre un foi de plus ... you are brain dead and a selfish trout.I would insult you better but yahoo like the rest of your country no longer funtion properly ....just like your pea brain.

    • You know nothing about snow...nothing!

      It's Global change..., especially in sea currents , that cause mostly "warming"around the world . Does not mean you do not get colder than normal temperatures at certain points and seasons around the globe. You have to look at decade long trends.
      You have NOT seen nature around the world the last 30 years like i have, not even close.
      I knew about global change in Rossignol in the 90,s . But of course you know ...You are selfish and have no clue! get one!

    • Geez we can't even get consensus on getting rid of the stupid ethanol mandates when most scientists agree that it is neither environmental (far from it) or helping much to reduce the need for imported oil so I wonderr what it will take to kill the AGW agenda?

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