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  • waddawhat2002 waddawhat2002 Jul 1, 2013 12:07 AM Flag

    I highly doubt the market will be higher next year.

    Emerging markets slowing down big time.
    Europe in crisis.
    Unrest around the world.
    Big problems in China.
    Obamacare will hurt the USA.

    Everybody talks about the Fed tapering, I don't see it. If anything the Fed has been increasing QE over time. So now any slow down of the acceleration and the market dives? That's a scam.

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    • Yeah, WAW, it is politics as usual. Uncle Ben is going to tighten because it is near the end of his term, and he is not going to leave this mess for his predecessor. That is the history of the Fed. I personally have gotten so disgusted with the market and investing because all that matters is what is the Fed/ECB/BOJ going to do. Rick Santelli went on a rant with this market contrivance and asked of Uncle Ben, "Mr. Bernanke, what are you afraid of?" He then went through the days of yesteryear where the markets weren't hanging on the fed's every words. Didn't we learn from the Soviets that centrally planned economies fail? Well, that is what we have today.

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      • Doc how is all of the QE going to end? Is it going to go on forever like Japan or are they going to taper it/end it more suddenly? History says they are all dove-ish. Nobody wants the reputation that says they ended it before the recovery took hold.

        Maybe if we get rand paul in 2016 it does end quickly. If Hillary or Christie wins it probably goes on for at least 10 more years.

      • Why oh why didn't I short at PBR $20????? I also wussed out on shorting the Euro and Yen again! All my "ideas" are working but I didn't jump in and I regret it. I did recently add to the oil short. The protests in Egpyt scare the market that they are going to close the Suez canal. Now is a good time to short as 1 geopolitical event is scaring the market when Supply and Demand say otherwise.

        Morgan Stanley is now saying China "could" slow to 3% GDP growth.

        Europe is in shambles. Even the strong Germany is slowing down. France is supposed to be carrying southern Europe and it's slowing down. Same with the UK. Southern Europe like Spain/Italy/Greece is in depression level.

        Brazil and these other once hot investment idea countries are bleeding.

        I still think Obamacare is going to be a disaster in 5 months. The US is the lone bright spot in the investing world and I think it's going to get worse here with Obamacare and employers reducing hours. Not carrying health insurance is going to start out as a $95 fine for healthy young Americans. In two years the fine goes up to $695 dollars. The middle class will pay that money, the illegals/poor Americans won't have to pay. Like you were saying last year, if you are 30 or under this is a depression. 50% of kids are living with their parents after college. You have to be way overqualified to get a job because 200 people apply for any decent job.

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