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  • rtcunme rtcunme Jul 30, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    Quite obvious, PBR will reinstate dividends sending this ROCKETING!!!

    If you folks have not figured it out yet, you ought to get on board like all the talking heads. Of course, all the talking heads gave PBR the thumbs up after the media bashed brazilian stocks. They loaded up while the morons shorted it, gave the the thumbs up and now we are set to launch.

    Now that the rich, who always get richer have crossed their T's & dotted their i's, they have hopped on board. It is no secret that the absense of the dividend was only temporary. What do you think is going to happen once they reinstate it? The PBR rocket will launch and with Brazil re-building their infrastructure before the World Cup & Olympics, I am quite confident this will soar in the next couple of years into the hundreds and rensembling most other major oil companies trading high double digits and triple digits. Nobody buying at these givaway prices for the rich are going to sell anytime soon and will all participate in the next split which should go off higher than all the previous splits which are a classic part of PBR's history.

    THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY THAT PEOPLE WILL RETIRE OFF OF. Hop on board what was before the best kept secret of the rich and wealthy and, now that they are loaded up and ready to launch, letting the rest of the world in on it. This may be the best buy on all markets at this price but it will not last much longer. Once the shorts are forced to cover, there will be no stopping the PBR rocket into the hundreds!

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    • You have no freaking idea what ya talking about. They reinstated the DIV last quarter. Brazil is going down. Not only PBR ... the complete country sucks.

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      • Maybe you ought to look at the historical prices including dividends and splits before you shoot off your mouth to a long time shareholder and resident of Rio de Janeiro. The country does not suck and I love it here! It sure beats living in any major US city and I have lived and been to most of them. Where else in the world do you have a major city, the beaches and the mountains within a stone's throw of each other. Sure, there is a class divide and it has always been a problem but it has gotten much better while in the US it is just becoming a problem. You can't go wrong owning this stock. Note how quiet this board was until the shorts showed up on the charts. It just serves as a gauge to how desperate and scared you are. Soon you will cover, disappear and I will continue collecting my dividends , watching my shares multiply with splits and my value appreciate as I buy during pullbacks like these recent ones that are courtesy of the shorts. Thank you so much! Now don't forget and come visit here also for the most beautiful women and beaches and being able to enjoy an ice cold adult beverage on the beach without some #$%$-like California Highway Patrol officer writing you up a ticket like you are a child and unable to make your own rational decisions as an adult.

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    • I want to add, the shorts are leaving alot of BS on this board. i know Brazil and Rio especially better than any of them and I have to laugh when I read some of their messages here about Brazilian prices. They are quoting prices in Reals and not Dollars...anyone can get a currency converter and figure the true prices. They are too funny! The shorts are in trouble and this is why they have now resorted to fear mongering!!!!

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      • I have been to Floripa, Brazil and liked it enough so that I might purchase a townhouse and live there part of the year. The other part of the year in Thailand. I have been in the markets 15 years and have $1.2M from an initial $30K. As far as this being the bottom I do not know? As far as this being a good place to start scaling in YES. We are getting fundamental bottom signals with the riots and Eike Batista going from $33B to $200M. Either Brazil is leaving planet Earth and taking the oil and gas with it or now is the time to buy. People spreading doom is another bottom signal. Look at the U.S. financial bail-out. Look at the Chinese saving their solar industry. Brazil will make the necessary moves for survival and PBR will cycle back in vogue. Talking to a oil worker from Texas the other day and he said PBR is a good company.. and he should know. Good luck with the World Cup and Olympics.. Brazil needs to straighten up NOW and get it RIGHT for the future!!!

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