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  • matrixtrade123 matrixtrade123 Apr 7, 2014 2:42 PM Flag

    what do we do now Jerry?

    who ever listened to your post lost out on +.92 cents.. and to think we are getting another .44 cent dividend.. PBR in the $10's was like.. well it was like TAKING CANDY AWAY FROM A BABY!!!.. nice!

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    • Good job. I held and even bought some in the 10's. Enjoy your posts.

    • s.eranger Apr 7, 2014 3:52 PM Flag

      So...I've told you a 100 times, I made a decision and I'll live with it. Won't be the last time I'm wrong in the market. It appears you're trying to rub my nose in this, why?

      So now, after this run PBR was like taking "candy from a baby?" Oh, OK.'re picking the wrong guy to debate. It's only money..I still say Brazil is a long way from being "out of the woods."

      Then again, what do I know.

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      • not rubbing anything.. just do not think you are qualified to be telling people to sell.. especially after you capitulated and sold at the bottom.. I am in this stock as A Bear Market Bottom buying when everyone is fearful and the news media filters the darkest days.. I have been to Brazil and I LIKE THE PEOPLE.. and I wish the best for them and you as well.. just did not think telling people to sell was good idea.. this stock could trade at $25 tomorrow and it still would be undervalued.. irrational fear got the better of everyone.. they played the money and ignored the assets and the time as in this is a great long term investment here!!!

      • S.,

        I am happy for Matrix, and he was bang on all the way, my compliments to him! Yes, I sold too early, but considering how far down I was and made it all the way back to a profit (albeit a small one) I am very grateful and will live with that also. There will always be buying opportunities in this market. If it is not PBR then it will be something else. I will tell you this S., this is definitely not a stock for the faint of heart, personally I agree with you also I do not think Brazil is out of the woods yet either. Today, PBR is up on PBR news, but the recent run-up is all due to the perception of Dilma not being re-elected. It will take alot to topple her. Good luck to you, Matrix, and the board!

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