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  • fuhcitichien fuhcitichien Apr 23, 2014 2:10 PM Flag

    Get Ready to SELL while Selling is Good, $11 Very Soon.

    1st reach $12 like last week.. tues 4/15/14

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    • What is it with these people who infest the stock message boards and are insistently showering not only negative, apocalyptic, sentiments--but more importantly and significantly--mostly fail to articulate any sensible logical rationale for their negative (or sometimes positive) opinion?

      WHY constantly return to repeat the same simplistic fear mongering?

      WHY would a sensible person, lacking a special hidden agenda, do this?

      and the answer seems to be a clear NO, a sensible person would not constantly post negative drivel.

      There are certainly people who have negative opinions about PBR or any other stock, but if they feel negative about it, I think they would say it once--with thoughtful reasons why--and then they would move on, because they have many other more valuable things to do with their time.

      But individuals who constantly return to post drivel--something else is at work: they want to drive the stock down by instilling fear, they believe, as Goebbels did, that the endlessrepetition of something--no matter how stupid--will create fear.

      For the weak-minded, perhaps. But the very insistence of your drivel posts, and the fact that there can be no other plausible motivation for them, leads me to believe that, actually PBR is underpriced, because if it were as bad as you claim--then its supposedly horrible fundamentals would naturally drive it down and would there would be no need to constantly launch your foolish, vacuous one-line assaults.

      I've seen this behaviour on the message boards, unfortunately, for over a decade. The volume and regularity of this negative (or positive) manipulative,shill posting is troubling and should be explored.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!! $20's coming bro....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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