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  • garykennedy75 garykennedy75 Oct 7, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    cenveo envelope

    what is up for the envelope plants

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    • This morning I had a post quarantined because I asked how Cenveo could farm out most all their east coast die-cut work our when we are the largest manufaturer. Someone didn't like my question and it was deleted. Let's try again! How can this happen when we are always looking or work. I will tell you, they sold all the die cut machines. I hope some of our customers don't find out we don't even run their work. We are brokers going broker!

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      • easy answer,, they are only interested in web work.... shorter run , blank fed work not profitable, higher labor cost,, running time, etc. Cheaper to out source ,, lucky its not going to china.... every biz today has to focus on the numbers ,, especially the graphic arts industry ! its been crushed in this recession, and will never fully recover. And btw the customers don't care as long its of acceptable quality and most importantly the price is right.... comon web ,,, get with it ,, you should know all this

    • Cenveo Altoona could possibly be turned in to a bed and breakfast.Management does nothing but eat and lay around.

    • Anyone's guess. Based on Bob's comments, we are poised for further consolidation. Soon management will be farming more work out. We closed the plants in the east that make die-cut envelopes and now I understand they farm out that work to a company in Virginia. How can the largest envelope manufacuter send their work out to get made somewhere else? Answer, our senior management just doesn't care, it's all about the numbers, or lack thereof. We are nothing more than a broker to our main clients and they don't even know about it. Bob deserves a raise!

    • Best advice would be to not look here for answers, just speculation. The decision making is reactive and not well thought out as shown by not capitalizing on becoming the biggest producer . Keep working hard, and hope someone salvages your group.

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