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  • kapaplayer kapaplayer Mar 18, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    Wellness Updates! Hooray!!!

    Excerpted from the letter to Employees from Cenveo Corporate Benefits Central Command:

    "Cenveo's medical plan is self insured and all medical services and prescription drugs our employees and their families use are paid directly by Cenveo"

    ALL SERVICES AND DRUGS??? Hold on a minute, folks. Before you get all warm and fuzzy thinking Massa Bob and his band of idiots are actually taking care of you, consider this:

    $1750 deductible, each person! Doesn't sound like "ALL medical services and prescription drugs" to me!
    I'm getting ripped off for this joke of a plan to the tune of over $250.00 per month., to then get nipped for $1750.00/person BEFORE #$%$ payouts begin!!

    This lie doesn't even take into consideration Co-Pays for medical services and prescriptions...

    Then, you find out that they only pay a portion of the bill AFTER you get socked the first $1750.00!

    Ever get into a fight with these idiots trying to get blood work or a colonoscopy paid for? There are people whose bills (that were a covered expense according to this "plan") that are in collections for unpaid bills - that were CLEARLY covered expenses.

    Which leads me to this question.... Do these cretins think we are stupid? To think they can get away with these bald-faced LIES........ This is outrageous and pitiful at the same time....

    I'm done now.

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