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  • kylenelyk kylenelyk Apr 8, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Hedge Funds and Insiders Are Bullish On Cenveo

    The censor kings won't allow me to link to the article, but go to
    Google Finance
    then Cenveo
    and look at the top news story.

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    • Tool. Idiot. Ignoramus. Take your pick.........

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • The fear emanating from shorts is palpable, the spin obvious, but at the end of the day, good news cannot be emoted away.

      Prescott Group's recent $2M purchase of Cenveo stock was done with due diligence. I'm sure Elm Capital will want to prosper from their $11M holdings. Likewise, I'm sure that SAC Capital, the 8th largest hedge fund in the USA, will want a good return on their $3M holdings. $419K rounded to the nearest million = $0M. Sloppy writing. It's good to know that insiders are buying rather than selling.

    • That is the worst form article ever published. A 22% increase in # of institutions holding shares..up to 11 institutions? That means there were 9 and now there are 11? Wow! Hold the presses. And another "notable" position is Israel Englander at $0 million? We needed to know that someone took that position? Great info.

      I understand now Kyle. You dont work for Burton or any WS analysts. You are a spammer. Send from the depths of non-news news world of finance.
      If you read about the guy who has the largst position, Elm Ridge, he also has 34mil in Quad. He also owns RR Donelly stock. He owns the whole industry I bet. And he is probably the only one....

      If you had followed this stock, you would have known that 2 years ago the biggest fund firm Fidelity held over 30% of this stock. Now? -0-.

      Some of the top "investors" of this stock are index funds. Vanguard has a strong presence all of a sudden. What a #$%$ article that says nothing.

    • You clearly have not followed this stock for long.

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