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  • interested_except interested_except May 14, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    Does anything distinguish CVO from the competition?


    Does CVO have a premium brand or brands. Does CVO have a franchise on any products, technologies or services or can CVO clearly make or do something markedly better than it’s competition?
    Point being: "Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business." - Warren Buffett

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    • You could put together a case study on Burton's management style. It's as if he spends all of his time trying to figure out how NOT to run a company then enacts it as an experiments. How not to treat employees like valued assets (notice he never talks about them). How not to manage suppliers so as to make sure they don't feel like partners and give back. How not to pay your bills in a timely manner so materials and service are on time and seamless. How not to treat customers by making sure whatever was important to them is trivialized. How not to manage capacity and grow sales. How not to innovate. How not to invest in facilities to help them compete and differentiate ($20MM is paltry CapEx for a $2B company). How not to build shareholder confidence through management integrity. How not to produce anything resembling growth in earnings, revenue, margins, etc. How not to effectively show the street they are invested with a company that has solid future plans. How not to utilize talent, innovation, and leadership from acquired companies to better the organization. How not to retain talent. How not to build a sustainable capital structure.

      It's amazing- almost everything he does is exactly contrary to basic management knowledge. it could be about the best business case you could write about what not to do as a manager and what the consequences would be.

      FYI just a side note, now that Burton is talking about cash flow take a look at the competition. CGX has greater cash flow on half the revenue. Puts the Burton plan in perspective eh?

    • Cenveo, is great at taking benefits away from their employees. No 401 K match my the company. Raised health care cost 400%. Closed at least 10 plants in the last 5 years. Terminated thousands of employees. Their only concern is the stock price and that went from 24.00 to 2.25 a share. Our equipment gets older by the day. They have reduced the budget for equipment maintenance to almost zero. Our CEO and Chairman employees his 3 sons in very high paying jobs. He also pays himself very well for a company that is going no-where.

    • No!

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