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  • spectracide spectracide May 9, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    It gets worse and even the analysts are exasperated

    The analyst are very frustrated....I wish one of the would say "so we are hearing the same poor excuses as the last three quarters....when are you guys going to learn"....

    The terrible forecast of no earnings and no gross margin for the next two to three quarters may be even in response to a question...they admitted that they hadn't built in certain change orders that may incur additional losses.

    Then when asked if they could return to 10% gross margins (which are poor) in 2014, they said they didn't know and didn't want to guess that far out....what a bunch of useless fodder this management team is.

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    • as I said last quarter, I don't care about revenues if you can't make money. Anyone can sell $1 bills for 90 cents. I could show you a growth story like none other.
      I want to see LOWER revenues, bidding discipline and the courage to say "no" to deals that have too much complexity, moving parts and unknowns- unless of course they have the contract flexibility to address them.

      I'm not sure what is going on here, nor do I understand how they can get back to "normalized" profitability in years past.
      I'm sorry you have so much skin in the game here, I'd be pretty sore with 8000 shares. That said, I'm not sure I would sell down here.

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