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  • thiscouldgetuglier thiscouldgetuglier Aug 4, 2008 5:08 PM Flag

    EMACH still on course

    I posted this a few months ago. Still absolutely true....

    EMach downgrades Hill!!!! 19-Dec-07 12:24 am This was his take a few months ago (you can find the messages on Yahoo):

    Re: modestly positive presentation 25-Dec-05 06:53 Definitely undervalued at $7.30. GO AHEAD AND SHORT, NEWBIES!

    and from today's message:
    My total hill avg is now BELOW $3.00 !!!! THANKS TO ALL THAT SOLD TO ME !!! HILL WILL BE $6 IN 2008 - GUARANTEED !!!

    So what do we know?

    1) EMach has been wrong or pumping for years.

    2) The "newbies" he challenged repeatedly to short actually kicked his ass by shorting.

    3) EMach has no credibility except as a contrarian indicator.

    So, EMach, what else do you like? If there aren't shares to borrow, please exclude....

    Reality...IMO..most of what EMach says are lies. He has a small long position purchased at $9 per share. No hope of getting back to even. Desperation increasing even though his position is insignificant. It's the principle..

    Expect an increasing level of histrionics as the stock price slowly melts along with book valus.

    In a year...he'll be spouting:
    "Watch and learn, newbie idiots! Watch HILL go from .85 to $2 lickety-split! Rating :
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