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  • emach99 emach99 Sep 15, 2010 11:23 AM Flag

    Great Investor conf today - Hill super Value!!

    After 3PAR wall st starting to understand better the value of storage companies like Hill that have excellent technologies, especially in the Virtualization and Cloud areas. Hill is super value even without those techs and with them easily worth $200 to $300M or about $4+ per shares. Buy while still cheap - I really do NOT think it will stay below $2 for long!!!

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    • the below links have most of the info you want. it is from the Cloverleaf website. good presentation that goes into thier technology and full storage virtualization, data center, and cloud storage services they enable.

      also has info on several large customers in the last couple of years. as you stated, tens of millions spent and very smart people developed this tech over 10 years. Has been successfully utilized in real data center environments for large fortune 500 firms. best part is that is compliments tech from many big players and the OEM and acquisitoin opportunities. Hill is super buy with all that it has going for it and increasing margins and big new markets. at $1.3 is it super cheap and will easily go up 100 to 200%

    • Is this he same CEO that has been running the company for several years now, loss after loss? Does he know what he means to be profitable?

      I mean, it is kind of funny to see a guy who never made a profit, not even one cent, who never bought shares in the open market, who has led several restructuring, bought several companies, etc, etc, to be so excited now.

      That's why the stock is trading at $1.25/$1.30, the market finds it difficult to believe that current management has the DNA to lead the company to sustained profitability.

    • tprecent - take the time to listen to latest presentation at Rodman/Ranshaw (yesterday) it should help answer a lot of your questions. IMHO HILL has done a great job transforming the company to higher margin business platform. I think their vision is excellent and future bright. They have trimmed cost and will start to ramp up rev next year. At about 15 min into presentation CEO mentioned that their cloud software edges out competition and explains why. At beginning CEO mentions that he has never been more excited about future of HILL...I think HILL offers one of the better risk/rewards out there in one of the few areas poised for high growth in upcoming years.

    • Cloverleaf was a well funded startup. IAI Israeli Aircraft Industries and the Israeli venture capital funds put a lot of money into Cloverleaf, many multiple of the value Hill paid for it. We need to understand better what Clover;ef is and is not. And while perhaps it does not take many licenses to generate $2 mill in revenue, it cost much more for Hill to maintain the outfit. I'm not saying that Cloverlef would not succeed. I'm saying I don't know how it places against others and Hill is not providing much information beyond stating the size of the target market and that pointing out to a red hot storage software takeover market. Remember the dot-bust? We need to understand better if cloverleaf has sustainable competitive edge in the space. All I'm saying is I don't know. Hill is not saying much either.

    • some of your statements are not correct. Cloverleaf had over 25 customers prior to Hill's purchase. they were using cloverleaf in production environments in data center for business applications. these were hetrogen data centers - so you are completely incorrect about it being mainframe only. it was tested by brocade cisco and others and passed their comprehensive testing environments - multivendor storage systems SANs.

      for any startup without a lot of funding it is very difficult to sell data center products on thier own. thus the cloverleaf (and many other startup) low sales. with Xiotec and other OEMS, Hill can easily get many more customers for clover and with the improved product, will get a lot more. only need about 10 licenses (just a couple of customers) to get over $1 to $2 MILLION in sales with 95% margin. Hill will easily get to profitability this year and stock goes to over $4 when that happens -- storage is a super hot sector and all ships will go up big time !!! Great buy at $1.3

    • We still need to get a better understanding of where hill is on commercializing the cloverleaf software. Also it is not very clear how the cloverleaf software benchmarks against its competition. Other then very general terms they've provided very little information.

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      • Hill has provided most of that information. they are working with OEMs (like Xiotec and others to come) and specialized channel partners to sell thier Software. This technology has been in development over 10 years and is very solid. Already used by several very large mission critical data centers. It actually compliments solutions from many large vendors - so they can easily add and offer it as complimentary software (remember 95% margins !!) Read more about it (google cloverleaf) and you will find the increadible value this software brings in the data center - that is why many big companies paid well over $200,000 for it even before Hill improved and enhanced it

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