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  • emach99 emach99 Nov 13, 2010 11:31 PM Flag

    Golfmess called storage chassis "advanced products" - Clueless!!

    For all the know even a little bit about hi-tech, servers, or storage - truly funny joke - golfmess in the head (the paid basher) said "HILL lost NTAP as a customer because HILL could not provide advanced products at a low cost." Calling a brainless (no value add software, no RAID) storage chassis a "advanced product" shows to everyone that only brainless idiots work as bashers (who else would take a $2 an hour job). He is a brainless piece of Crap - Hill supplied Ntap with "sheet metal" basically just the metal chasis, some fans, brainless (like you) wiring, and power supplies. Hill did this deal to get volume so they could invest in their business and RAID software and win the much greater margin HP and channel business. Netapp does not buy RAID systems from anyone!!! They do NOT want or need "advanced" sheet metal!!!

    Only a fool like you would continue to sell sheet metal and try to make a business of it. Xrtx does not really make any money from netapp either, their money comes form other small oems but MAINLY from their testing and other disk drive business.

    Now that is truly the funniest thing I have heard all year - I will pass your comments around to all the people I know in hi-tech and storage "HILL lost NTAP as a customer because HILL could not provide ***advanced products*** at a low cost." Advanced Products - truly funny. Sheet metal a chasis is an advanced product. Please tell us more jokes about the super great advancements that netapp wants in the sheet metal. I hear the netapp ceo boasting to all about their advanced sheet metal (yeah who cares about RAID software, the firmware, the virtualization software) - yeah all look at my "advanced products" sheet metal. I am so great with my "advanced" sheet meetal. You brainless comments are truly funny junior. I hear Obama is going to fix the US (hell the world economy) by having everyone invest in "advanced" sheet metal products. Lots of value in sheet metal. The funniest thing I have hear all year - advanced sheet metal. I know that is exactly everyone at netapp wants and need - advanced sheet metal.


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    • "Hill supplied Ntap with "sheet metal" basically just the metal chasis, some fans, brainless (like you) wiring, and power supplies"

      Then what was the IP associated with the metal chassis? HILL had to give IP rights to NTAP associated with this product line.

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      • You seem to be just as clueless as golfmess. Explains why you choose a userid Porky. The IP you talk about is just how to put together the various hardware components in an efficient way to fit into the storage chassis to keep quality high. That is the only IP. There is no intelligence in that sheet metal - just a storage chassis. Your and golfmess comments show even a basic lack of understanding on the storage industry and the products. It would be like you buying stock in a car company and thinking an engine was a new "women's dress". You and he are totally clueless but you are both good for a laugh.

        Hill is definitley doing all the right things, especially increasing product margins in a huge way, and will be a $5 stock in 2011. I bought a good amount of Hill shares on Friday.

    • Everyone knows that the storage industry has had explosive growth since the depths of the recession.

      Some businesses like Xyratex capitalized on that growth with superior products at a competative cost and they easily doubled their revenue and quadrupled their earnings. As a result XRTX has moved from $1.50/share to $16+. I owned that run. Even though storage had made me a fortune, I am not so drunk on storage as to gamble it upon a "cheap" yet very over-valued consistant failure like HILL.

      HILL is so poorly run that even through the biggest storage bull market of all time HILL managed to lose revenue, large customers (NTAP), and has been forced to cut headcount and invesment as cash is depleted while others like XRTX build an even greater technology lead.

      Just how much investor wealth has HILL consumed during its few years on earth?

      Well, HILL's retained earning stands at MINUS 248 million! What a record of destruction! And you think management is doing a good job?

      HILL is up slightly because so many people made so much money in storage (elsewhere) and now they are being indiscriminate in tossing some spare change into a failed ventures like HILL. And that bump is already fading after these horrible results...

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      • I see why you emach called you "golfmess" as you seem to keep on posting junk here and not responding to the great accomplishments by Hill to increase product margins in a big way. Why don't you try to lie your way about that? It would be great to hear your made up answers to the huge increase in product margins.

        Anyone in the technology or storage industry knows that netapp does NOT take "advanced products" from anyone. They only buy a low margin storage chassis from hill and that is all they want and wanted. It is business 101 to get rid of very low margin products even if you lose a bit of sales with it. Business 101 is not to sell a lot of low margin products, it is to sell higher margin products. That is what Hill has done -- Increased product margins by last quarter and this quarter in a huge way.

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