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    • i'm just curious why you thought the compnay was worth holding and adding more to a few weeks ago and now is a you see something in their product line-up that you suddenly don't like?....were you disappointed in the quarter?....or is it the technicals you don't like....

    • What kind of opinions you are eager to learn?

      24-48 months?
      12-24 months?
      less than 6 months?
      or weekly forecast?
      or daily forecast?

      Good luck.

    • Just to clarify more on my point about doji's and reversals; here is a chart on NSTC; You will see several doji's all along this steep and impressive uptrend of the last 2 months. If you were to misinterpret and sell every time you see a doji, you would have missed out on some very nice profits.

      Looking at the top of the chart, there is a doji followed by a hammer and looks to be another probable doji today. It's certainly a yellow flag and would be prudent to take some off the table (I already did). The stock is highly unlikely to advance any further before earnings come out in a couple days at which time the yellow flag will either be confirmed or not. If earnings/guidance is not as equally impressive as the runup, the trend (at least ST) will most likely reverse.

    • "There is also no need to buy when the stock is heading lower."

      the pps could do almost anything in the short term....tell me why it's your opinion that it is headed lower....i might learn something....

    • By itself, a doji is considered neutral and reflecting indecision, unless combined with other candlestick patterns, volume, and other indicators. I assume you are talking about the little short legged doji on Fri. It should be expected in a support area and is completely meaningless here. The pattern remains very bearish. or has pretty good tutorials on candlestick patterns.

    • There is no need to be angry.

      There is also no need to buy when the stock is heading lower.


      Good luck!

    • he has no reason, and he knows it. He think he has himself a great short position here but in reality this is trading in a channel and will head back up and then down again.

    • you've gone from giving fairly intelligent analysis before earnings came out to extremely angry in two short weeks....apart from your obsession with rt, what specific reasons do you have to sell SURG at 4.40?....there certainly is some real risk with the IRIX lawsuit but that is a short term event in my view....i see a fundamentally sound company executing well with a great deal of experience in bringing innovative products to market in a growing defensive market....there is nothing wrong with trading shares when they rise 15% in a day like a couple of weeks ago but i'm curious why you see this as a sell at these prices?....

    • <<Its a "DOJI"! DOJI is the most reliable confirmation >>

      Did you check the historic data to back your statement?

      I believe even the people who teach DOJI would not use the words "Most reliable" in their lectures, or someone would steal the markets from others and become a Doji billionaire.

      "The more you learn the more you don't know" may sounds confusing to newbies, that's the road everyone is going to travel. For beginners, they say "LOOK, I JUST FOUND A HOLY GRAIL!".

    • ok, i can see where you are going with your chart analysis, however, do you not see the clear channel pattern that the stock is currently in? Im showing support around 3.27 and first resistence at 3.46. Look at last thursdays candle, what is it? Its a "DOJI"! DOJI is the most reliable confirmation , whether in a downtrend or uptrend. In this case we are in a downtrend and the DOJI is placed , suggesting reversal. Plus do you not notice the little ascending triangle that has formed from oct. 23rd to now? If i only knew how to post charts on here i would gladly show you guys what i mean. I believe due to the DOJI set in place, SURG will go back up here very soon. At least back to $5.50! Guys, i wouldnt sweat it, this stock is in a channel. JMHO

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