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  • Ass_Sore Ass_Sore May 3, 1999 8:09 AM Flag

    DCLK may go up a bit early this AM but

    potential for a hugh drop if Retail earnings disappoints.

    PS: the color was GOLD! :)

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    • 1. Misleading financials.
      2. Revenue growth is
      slowing down.
      3. Missed EPS whisper number by a mile
      and barely made the consensus estimates.
      4. This
      is essentially an advertising company masquerading
      as an internet company ... this company belongs in
      Madison Avenue.
      5. Low Barriers to Entry � DART is an
      innnovative but not proprietary technology � any software
      company worth its salt can make a competing
      6. Click-throughs are losing their efficacy � the
      number of pages viewed has been rising strong, but the
      percentage of click-through to view the advertisements has
      been declining over the past year. Ask yourself, how
      many advertisements have you viewed in the last month?

      7. Among those who view the advertisements, the % of
      people who actually shop online is also very low � a
      dismal record.
      8. I read somewhere that 40% of
      advertisers interviewed stated that they will not renew
      contracts with portals and other internet companies because
      it�s too expensive and has contributed nothing to the
      bottom line.
      9. Ad management sector is in a steep
      decline. In an article that somebody posted, it will be
      replaced by sponsorship deals. I agreement with this
      10. I heard from my engineer friend that MSFT may be
      working on a competing technology to DART, which may be
      introduced by the end of this year. Because of its leverage
      over advertisers, sponsors and portals, and its core
      competency in software, MSFT can easily dominate this
      11. O�Conner has done an excellent job
      building the company up to now. However, in order to take
      the company to the next level, it needs professional
      managers with vision, experience and track record. EBAY
      got Meg Whitman, YHOO got Tim Koogle to get to the
      next hypergrowth stage. These people are proven
      winners with established track records, and most
      importantly, vision.
      12. Barely met quarterly numbers - if
      AOL had come in at 9 cents instead of 11, it would
      have dropped 50 and would be trading at about
      13. Insiders cashing out big time right now.
      They must cash out now (as compared to July), because
      if the company misses estimates, they would be
      accused of insider trading. Check the insider sales by
      the end of May � you�ll be shocked to find how many
      sales will have occurred in May.
      15. The long-term
      price increase has been broken ... it�s only downhill
      from here.
      16. No scalability � unlike EBAY AMZN
      and other internet companies, DCLK is not subject to
      law of increasing returns � it is essentially a
      service company. In order to generate additional 10% in
      revenues, its operating costs will also increase about 10
      ... perpetually in a state of low-margin
      17. If the price drops further, there will be dozens
      of shareholder lawsuits.

      Any longs who have
      something intelligent to say to the above, please feel free
      to say so. I welcome any rational discussion.


      • 5 Replies to buffett_2000
      • That was reasonably thought out bearish case. I
        disagree with you, but I do not have the time to respond
        now - I'll try to later. Maybe if you made your
        bearish case for DCLK and admitted to being wrong on the
        direction of the stock price for a long while now you would
        have some credibility, instead of sounding like an

      • Strong buys, core holdings. I'm glad there is
        someone out there that knows more than they do. you
        obviously have picked up on what these highly paid
        professionals are missing.
        I think your right. I see dclk at
        50 this year, after splitting 4-1 at 200.

      • I keep wondering, again, why so many people who
        supposidly don't own DCLK keep posting? Why would you care
        about us POOR UNINFORMED soles so much, that you spend
        hours and hours on this bosrd typing "warnings" to us?
        You must either have an enormous amount of free time
        to serve us this deeply, or you must care so very
        much about all of us, people you don't know, have
        never met, have never even spoken to. For the life of
        my, why? Were I to sell DCLK (which I have no plans
        to do), I certainly would find better things to do
        with my time than remain on this board . I would like
        all this really truely sewwthearts, who are so kind
        and good to devote their time and energy to a
        charity, rather than to us poor unimformed DCLK share
        holders. Thank You. My opinions only

      • the most rational and thougtful info i have seen on dclk