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  • dg4949 dg4949 May 24, 1999 3:35 PM Flag

    Doubleclick is managing ads for Yahoo..

    Yes, I am upset, to say the least, but the
    sector, market, everything is down-CMGI,AMZN, drug
    sectore, everything. Been through this before, but
    everytime it is still upsetting. We always do rebound,
    though, and I expected this, just hoped I'd hit my price
    target on AOL, DCLK and FCCN first. But, it didn't
    happen that way. So many down over 100 points now.
    Imagine all the people going thru this/ Unlike that
    Conrta guy, I feel for them and hope and pray this ends
    real soon. I can't understand how the nuts get
    pleasure from people's pain.