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  • qwertykeys26 qwertykeys26 Jun 1, 1999 9:32 AM Flag

    DCLk on CNBC

    Joe Kernen covered DCLK, LIT, AVDL, NNS, MKTW, EGRP, TBFC,
    CBUK, and MER on CNBC today. A synopsis of the story is linked to the CNBC Specials page at

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    • OK, I give you creedence for all you wrote. DCLK
      is good for a few years anyhow, I'll take that.
      Hell, in 10 years I'll be pushing 60 and won't need as
      much clothes as I do now anyhow, right? Sorry for the
      spelling, too early to proofread and try to get this itty
      bitty thing between the letters to fix....Debbie

    • I DO understand that the Internet is "yet a
      baby", as you put it (not a difficult concept to grasp,
      eh?) That, in fact, is my point. We do not yet know
      whether DCLK is (to use your analogy) Ford or Edsel. The
      liklihood is that there will be soooo much competition in
      this space (think barriers to entry in this space vs.
      the auto manufacturing world) that no one company
      will get to the $75 BILLION mark.

      billion...okay. $20 billion...maybe but not f***ing likely. $75
      to $100 billion?...ummm, no. Not a chance. The
      reasons why this is so? We are talking about an education
      on 1) the dynamics of a client based rep firm and/or
      2) an education as to how difficult of an
      engineering task it would be to build a better adserving
      moustrap than DCLK's "dart". Didja know they have
      re-developed DART in the past 8 months cuz it wasn't scalable?
      Their whole current solution took them less than 8
      months to build. Again, not a big



    • Be it TV, Radio, Cable or the INeternet...rep
      firms (called ad networks in the Internet space) are
      only as good (read "long-term") as their relationships
      with the publishers or content providers. Since no
      company (DCLK, TFSM...doesn't matter) can sustain an
      unlimited number of human relationships in a meaningful
      way, none can have a significant long term advantage
      over the other.

      Will DCLK be the leader in 10
      years? Maybe. But there is nothing in the make-up of
      DCLK today that even comes close to guaranteeing that
      they will be. Parity over several companies is more
      than likely.

      DCLK's sales acument is marginal
      at best. Like most 'net ad sales operations, they
      are not competitive in terms of sales talent to the
      offline world. As those "offline" sales and sales
      managment folk come "online" (and they are in droves!) the
      competitive landscape will change...and change...and change.
      A large number of these individuals will have the
      ability to change fortunes.

      DCLK's (adserving)
      technology is just ain't magic. Their is nothing
      there to entrench their customers long term. It's an
      HTML tag that takes 5 minutes to swap out and a user
      interface that takes 5 hours to master. The customers are
      very price sensitive. Given an equal (or better)
      technolgy solution, which is REALLY not a difficult thing
      to achieve- in spite of the fact that no one thus
      for HAS achieved it- their customers will

      We are talking a couple of years before this is an
      issue though. Kingdoms will be won and lost in that
      period of time. Short term (I mean short-term in the
      real world, nto the 'net investing world...we are
      talking a couple of years here) DCLK is a solid


    • this where those who can buy on the dips, will
      reap the rewards. Unfortunately, fear plays a role in
      sentiment. I'm rationalizing it by saying regardless of what
      the reports show, it is more than not that we will
      have a 25% basis point rate hike. However, this
      morning, CNBC said more like a 50% hike is priced in to
      this market.
      I believe that one shouldn't be upset
      for Greenspan taking back something that didn't
      belong to us in the first place. In OCT, the first cut
      we were relieved, the second euphoric, however, the
      third we were surprised, because it wasn't counted on.
      So, he is taking back something that didn't belong to

    • rollthedice -
      were you going to take a stab at defining "oversold" (and overbought if you wish) and how that concept relates to shorts covering

      i would appreciate it

    • message complete, and I think I put 1yr, should be 10 younger.

    • is what keeps this nation going, and strong companies as well. Read your history, it is right there. Good post, donz.

    • Look at csco vs. lucent. They are both
      successful. I think as more players get into the internet
      advertising world, doubleclick will emerge as the long term
      winner through its growing dclk network. We're just
      scratching the surface here. This market potential is huge.
      The way ads are delivered will change but the
      delivery person will still be doubleclick. Doubleclick is
      innovative, aggressive and already worldwide. Even the cfo
      says they will be serving 88 BILLION adds a month by
      Dec. 2000.
      Scale this up on a continuing basis as
      more and more internet users emerge, and the
      possibility is there. Good luck. It won't be straight up but
      neither was the ride on AOL.

    • I'm just a sensitive guy for the 90s. What are you doing for New Year's Eve? LOL

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