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    DCLK #1, any thoughts on ADFC, eom.


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    • CHINA was one of a few internet stocks that went
      up today. Anyone knows what's up??? Is this a good
      short/long term buy?

      DCLK will probably trade lower
      tomorrow unless there are some good economical news. I am
      long 300 shares on DCLK @ $79 1/2 and didn't take the
      opportunity to make about $900.00 this morning by selling the
      stock. I still believe that I'd made a good decision to
      hold this one. Any inputs from the board are welcomed.

    • July was an ulgy month for net stocks and I think the early part (the first 2 wks) of August will stay ugly too.

    • to maintain stability of the Asian economy. In
      order to do so, the government will pay a huge price in
      keeping the currency stable.
      For the US side, stocks
      don't look too good at all. Traders are selling on
      strength and suppress the market. Average investors who
      are still in the market now are the "supports" until
      September. The short term outlook does not look good. There
      are more economy indicators come out this week and
      one bad one will tank the market for sure. Look for
      Dow to retest 10500 & Nasdaq to retest 2500. I am
      looking forward for a short bounce tomorrow and stay on
      the sideline. Good luck to you all. For those who are
      tied up at the market now, don't get panic. Stay calm
      and make logical decision.

    • A year ago small investors bid up internet
      companies to very high levels and some people made a lot of
      money. It seems to me that those same people are now day
      trading and to a large extent bettting against the
      internet market. DCLK is now only 50% of what it once was.
      Multiple analysts have put price tags of $100+ for DCLK
      for a really long time. For my money, DCLK is one of
      the "grand old" internet companies. They have more
      experience and connections than all the new IPOs. Talking
      trash and shorting is a shortlived strategy in a strong

    • Let's hope that they don't devalue. There is
      pressure for them not to devalue because it will cause
      more chaos with the other Asian currencies such as
      Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, etc. It
      would cause these countries to go back to where they
      were six months ago.

    • Here's excerpt from an article in

      About Short selling and arbitrageur game

      who sell securities "short" borrow shares and then
      sell them, betting they can profit by buying the stock
      back later at lower prices. Short interest is the
      number of shares that haven't been repurchased for
      return to lenders. As such, it is often taken as an
      indicator of the degree of negative sentiment among
      investors in the stocks. Investors may rely on short
      selling for other purposes, including as a hedging
      strategy related to corporate mergers and acquisitions,
      for convertible securities and options and for tax

      WorldCom Inc. had the largest increase in short interest,
      up 14,070,348 shares to 116,953,707. Harry Blount,
      director of telecommunications services at CIBC
      Oppenheimer, attributed WorldCom's large short position to
      investors' employing an arbitrage strategy to take advantage
      of the company's impending merger with MCI. "The
      short position is not a reflection of the company's
      prospects postdeal," Mr. Blount said. "Rather, I think it
      is a reflection of a financial transaction that
      allows investors to lock in a fair return with a low
      amount of risk."

      WorldCom's short position broke
      the 100 million mark last month and has jumped 162%
      since the company made its initial offer for MCI in
      October. As the probability of the merger increases, more
      investors are shorting WorldCom, Mr. Blount

    • You may well get your wish for morning bounces.
      But any rally is just another reason to buy more
      puts. I agree--the trend is down. Early in my tradin
      education, I fought the trend and never fully survived. Now
      I just go with the flow. The flow is out. Novice
      day traders will gwet increasingly petrified to go
      long and it is these novice yahoos who have been
      propping many of these stocks up in the

      As far as China, I agree with your analysis. I lived
      in China and Taiwan. The Chinese govt will do what
      they see fit. Do I think they'll devalue? Honestly, I
      don't know. What I said in my post was that I hoped
      they did (since I am heavy into puts). As an
      economist, I think they should devalue. The renminbi is
      overvalued. I do think that now would be the best time to
      devalue. If they wait until the end of the year, they
      might spark a huge emerging mkt panic by devaluing too
      close to Y2k.

      But, yes, if they do devalue,
      they'll do it quickly--no Latin American hemming, hawing,
      and promise-making.

      Good luck this month. At
      some point, it may make sense to just sit on the
      sidelines. Not much sense in trying to squeeze water from a
      rock. However, right now, the shorts will rule the
      roost for the next three weeks, minimum.

    • I did the same thing. I got back in
      DCLK,CNET,ABOV,RNWK & CHINA at the end of the trading day today.

      I think that the market will trend down more this
      month but I am just in for a small bounce tomorrow and
      get out.

      Do you mean that China currency will
      be devalued by next month? I doubt that the
      devaluation will ever take place there. I understand the
      Chinese government quite well. If they are going to do
      it, they will do it quickly. The rumor about this
      devaluation has been going on for a while and because of
      that, this will not happen. Just my thoughts.

    • This is the 50 DMA Support for DCLK is 66.00 this
      is the 200 DMA. Don't let that fool you. Just look
      at NEON. It crashed from around 55.00 to 25.00 in
      one day and then has just slowly melted down to
      14.00. They actually have earnings and equaled last year
      quarter but someone did not like it. I think some of
      these other internet stocks could see the same thing
      happen. Especially if we have a down day on the dow of
      1000 points. I think we could very well have a day
      that bad before oct. 31.

    • What is the downside target price? 25, 35, 45, 50? Anyone have any suggestions?

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