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  • Guerilla_Strategist Guerilla_Strategist Nov 5, 1999 4:21 PM Flag

    Pretty weak perform for DCLK this week

    Three times DCLK tried to rally to 150, three
    times it was thwarted. Today is was up only
    fractionally. Why? The bloody stock (and market to boot) is

    NSDQ is up seven straight days. We have already hit
    Joe Battipaglia's year end target of 3100. How can
    people not expect a pull back?? Too many sheep.

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    • if you are a guerilla stratigist then what other stocks are you invested in? I think you are missing the boat and you will be burned.

    • ...about PAGE?

      He was telling everyone to
      buy it last summer at $5 and $6 and higher. He
      "guaranteed" there would be a buyout in the double digits
      announced in a matter of days. Later revised to a matter of

      As it turns out, four months later PAGE
      agrees to a merger that will pay its shareholders less
      than $1 per share. Anyone listening to towerworker
      last July lost over 80% of their investment if they
      stayed in until now. And he never recanted or changed
      his advice. He just fled from the board.

      you say he was right about PAGE? How so?

    • There is no easier short than when a bloated,
      overbought stock rides the market coattails for the last few
      days of a seven-day rally. This stock makes NO MONEY!!

      Though DCLK should have about one-tenth its current
      valuation, DCLK will probably stay artifically propped up
      through January by the buying frenzy of i-nets. The more
      overbought the stock, the sweeter the short DCLK will become
      in late January.

    • I agree

    • we're not selling QCOM, at least not before the
      split...maybe a little afterwards, we'll see...its hard to
      argue with their success. We're holding the DCLK, too,
      at least through the end of the year...then we'll

    • i hold in @ 68.00
      you think tfsm is a good buy
      @ this level ?????

    • believe anything is set in stone yet regaring
      PFE. What would be good for shareholders? I believe a
      takeover of Warner by PFE is better than the less-valued
      merger between Warner and AHP. PFE is going to court re:
      the $2 billion break-up fee if Warner and AHP don't
      go through. If they can prevail, I wouldn't be
      surprised to see it go hostile.

    • whoever gets TFSM will win. It is the last undervalued stock in the hot sectors of internet advertising and wireless. It has strong global presence and reach.

    • I would not try to call any top for QCOM. It is
      in blue sky territiry. I understand about small
      caps. I have two that have had great runs. LTXX and CY
      (both semis). It is very thrilling. But this is the
      woman who sold AAPL at $15.00 and ADPT at $22.00, so I
      know what it's like to take some massive losses too.
      When to sell???
      That is the big question. WIth QCOM
      splitting 4:1, will you take some off the table. And what
      about DCLK? Personally, I think that this is the
      quarter to hold, but the runnup has been really straight
      up, so I do think it can pull back some. The problem
      with this sector is it can also soar right to its old
      highs!!!! What to do...

    • stock and have been following it for a couple of
      months now...haven't invested yet...I thought that the
      pull back in their stock after they announced their
      hostile takeover depressed their offer...while I think it
      is a better fit that AHP, people I talk with are
      betting on Warner-Lambert winning out...they may be all
      wet, but that's what they think...

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