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  • mecaon mecaon Nov 2, 2002 12:36 PM Flag


    This morning I turned on my radio and tuned into National Public Broadcast Station, and it was a talk show about prescription drugs. The topic was Neuronton. Because I was a little too late to catch the whole segment, I missed the very first part of the show.

    My father has been on this drug for about 6 months now. I can never figur it out as to why he has to have taken Neuronton. It has not done him any good yet. And the only thing I can see so for is that he is not getting any better and has been suffering from all kinds of side effects-I am not saying that all these diabolical side effects,which are all seemingly deady to me, have been caused by Neuronton only for he had been given many other drugs by different doctors, off and on.

    I have no way of finding more information on this drug. I assume that I might find some kind-hearted and knowledgeale investors on this board to tell me what is the controversy over this drug all about.

    I don't own any shares of the company. And anything that mentioned above is only for a very personl reason and have not an ounce of ill intention towards the investors and this company. What I meed is truth and saving lifes.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Take a look at the links on this page...


    • I just went to the Yahoo home page and searched for neurontin and found several links for you to study if you wish.
      Best wishes,

    • I don't know how much help it will be, but you can get lots of information concerning most drugs by simply goiung to their web sites. Most of the major companies have them for their major products. Fot this one, try

      Similar sites exist which you can reach by simply substituting the drug name. You will probably have a bit more of a problem if all you have is the generic name.

      Try searches for the particular disease or problem your father has for a more comprehensive coverage of the options available, or start with a pamphlet which may be available from his doctor.

      As for the effects obtained, remember that sometimes the real good is in preventing further development of a problem. I am on a number of drugs, some of which I have been taking for years, and while there has been little improvement, there hasn't been any further progression either. Medical science is far from perfect.


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