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  • pro_tease_inhibit pro_tease_inhibit Sep 3, 2003 11:18 AM Flag


    Recommend this post if you think that the Iraq invasion has been, as Jeffry Sachs said, an "utter disaster."

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    • Wrong, I supported the Afghanistan invasion as well as gulf war I. Please convince me you didn't "whine and bitch (your words)" when Clinton was in office. Like I said, I am more afraid of people like you and the christian right wackos than I am of terrorists.

    • What, is right. You did not get a shit of what I said. Looks like the only thing that would penetrate your skull has to start with 2 by 4, and progress to something effective. Keep asking the "what question", that is all you can do; I will be here to receive the bleeps.

    • what?

    • It is called resonance, something that happens in hollow skull void of brain. No wonder you keep hearing it all the time. Get used to it, and make the best of the remaining tissue while it lasts. You may like to consult someone, although the diagnosis is clear, and it is terminal, and might be hereditary too. Hope you have aborted all your efforts at being a father. Not much of a future for a human child. There is more room to expound, but let us hear what is ringing in your skull now. It should be sizzling with frenzy by now.

    • *One guys actually asked if he could pick up Ryan Leaf.....The entire bar burst into laughter....good times*


      I've played on ESPN since '95 so the leagues I'm in we KNOW there are no owners with two teams.

    • I read you text...yet funny the only thing I hear in my head is..

      blah blah blah blah blah

    • --thats why I do fantasy and the suicide pool. You do fantasy on-line?-- you can get screwed...Same person can end up with 2 teams in the same league, then trade better players to one team or another.

      I play fantasy with some guys from work and some buddies. A Few actually know sports, but most of them are analysts that have plenty of money, but don't know shit about football and I guess don't mind losing it. One guys actually asked if he could pick up Ryan Leaf.....The entire bar burst into laughter....good times

    • Tell your women's treatment to usama et al. They will applaud you even you are a non person, just trying to be equal to them. That is definitely the path to becoming a follower, so long as you pay your harach. Naah, you would not pay; off we go with his head: next one?

    • *The thing I like about gambling is how intense games get, when you could really not give a damn about either team. You actually cheer for teams you don't like...and so on.

      Makes the entire season that much more exciting!!! *

      thats why I do fantasy and the suicide pool. You do fantasy on-line?

    • Hey Mike Brown CANNOT be worse than the Reds owner. At least he has a minimum he HAS to spend..the crook owning the Reds hijacked all your taxes and is stuffing the profits in his pockets!

      *I will only support his business if he puts out a good product*

      I guess...I wouldn't know...ever since I started liking them the Fins have been good. Have always fielded a competative team and have had like 2 losing seasons since '71.

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