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  • scootchandpongo scootchandpongo Mar 27, 2005 1:11 PM Flag

    Questions for the MB.

    How do you feel about our tax system, illegal immigration, bogus social programs, our borders, our energy program. Here are my feelings and I would like to get everyone elses on these issues.

    My answers:

    Our tax system?
    move to a Flat or consumption tax. If flat tax then exempt the first 20K for low income individuals, if consumption then exempt essential items such as food and clothing.

    Illegal Immigration and our Borders?
    Put the military on the borders and tighten them up like a newborns asshole. Enforce a worker visa program. Gather up all illegal immigrants and ship out the criminals and move the rest towards legal status.

    Social Programs?
    Stop all non-essential social programs and only provide help for the sick, elderly and disabled. Help the down and out, but only until they get back on their feet (not forever). Remove all bullshit pork from the government spending like the bullshit road to nowhere and corporate subsidies and farm subsidies.

    Energy Program?
    Drill whereever we can get the stuff but be carfull with the environment. Move to all nuclear power like France. Give bigger incentives for people to buy hybrids. Force improvements for minimum gas mileage. That said, I won't give up my big SUV just make them much more efficient. Put alternative power generating systems wherever they need to be and that means Windmill farms even if they are in the backyard of the Kennedy's.

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    • tell that to the bosses.

    • > Making a lot of money is not necessarily progressing knowledge to accomplishing things for society.

      And working hard for long hours is not necessarily for the purpose of simply making money.

    • I don't think that those things are exclusive. Europeans have contributed more to art music and science that we have if for no other reason than they are older civilizations We work all these hours and yet have the fattest people in the industrialized world and the least enjoyment of life. Making a lot of money is not necessarily progressing knowledge to accomplishing things for society.

    • I guess it all depends upon whether one is a Hedonist or a person who wishes to accomplish things for society and progress knowledge.

    • I saw Gallipoli, that was a military disaster as was the British practice invasion of the French coast during WWII prior to Normandy (can't remember the name of the battle). But I guess trench warfare was better that two armies marching in straight lines toward each other.

    • And we enjoy life the least, so which is better?

    • France had 25% of her males between 18 and 28 KILLED in WWI. By 1916 the troops being marched to the front would chant ba ba ba as if lambs being led to the slaughter.

      Watch Mel Gibson's 1981 movie 'Gallipoli' for a good feel on what it would have felt like to be ordered to go 'over the top' to an almost certain death. These orders were given by leaders in complete safety behind the lines. On the third ordered 'over the top' frontal charge, Gibson jerked his buddy back into the trench as he started to climb out. Good move.

      Pershing was US commander of America's first venture into this murderous 'over the top' insanity. In fact, tens of thousands of wise GIs hauled it to the rear, as if to say to the Generals, 'you must have your heads up your ass. Come up with a better strategy'.

      Per Stephen Ambrose only 2 US generals were killed in the European theater during all of WWII, one by friendly fire and one during a freak ambush near the end of the war.

      To keep things 'fair and balanced', 10 senior officers in the 'Green Zone' should be assigned to Humvee patrol or convoy duty on a daily basis.

    • > The French are fucking pigs

      Are you using this as an activity, a state of being, or both?

    • > They know how to live; Americans know to how work

      Which certainly explains why the U.S. has become the most powerful Nation in the World, while all others, particularly Europe, have fallen to the wayside.

      The Grasshopper should replace the Frog as the new French symbol.

    • It is easy to cast stones if you haven't really had to endure as much.

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