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    • The first part was Operation Iraqi Freedom, and it was military. That is over, and we won. We took more casualties than we would have taken if we had moved in enough people to guard the supply lines, and we failed to stop looting that we could have stopped if we had more infantry in the cities. But overall, it was a success.

      Operation Iraqi Liberation, starting now, is going to be a long term, difficult, diplomatic effort, with military support. But the real issue is OIL, not democracy. We have gotten along fine with even Saddam when it fit our interests--e.g. when he was fighting Iran. We can get along with whatever government Iraq sets up, so long as the oil flows.

      The democracy bullshit is an idealistic cover for a takeover of the Iraqi economy by Bechtel, Halliburton, and companies to be named later. If they can manipulate the elections here they can do it in a much smaller country.

    • Hen Johnso, how often did you eat at that French restaurant, you know the "Auberg duSoile" or Eggplant in the Ground? Does it have moussaka as a specialty?

    • *Changing the face of the Middle East will make the world safer*

      you can't FORCE this kind of change Jay..there is NO way to influence the masses. They only listen to their Imans and if we have to off every Iman who is against us the masses will revolt just as well.

      I wonder what would have happened if we just left the place alone. The seeds of discontent were already sewn in Iran..that Theocratic state could have toppled all on its own without a US shot having been fired. Now...we'll never know.

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