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  • lakeybarb lakeybarb Jul 30, 2006 10:29 PM Flag

    Attacking Mel Gibson


    Once again the Jewish "anti-defamation" league is attacking Mel Gibson. This time its for remarks he is said to have made to the effect that Jews started the wars in the middle east. This is standard for this gang; they try to smear and discredit any America who dares tell the simple truth about Israel and the Jewish influence on our middle east policy. The same crew attacked Mel viciously when he made,"The Passion of the Christ" which they called, anti-semitic. Their spokesman, Foxman, a notorious anti-Christian bigot, recently publicly declared war on Christian groups because of their efforts to oppose same-sex "marriage", abortion, and stop the filibustering of conservative judicial appointments. He called for a summit of Jewish organizations to make strategy against the Christians. Big media didn't seem to notice when Foxman performed his anti-Christian tirade --- probably because big media is dominated by anti-Christian bigots like Foxman. Three cheers for Mel Gibson.

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