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  • chartness2003 chartness2003 Nov 29, 2006 12:23 PM Flag

    MRK is up today on Lehman Bros. upgrade


    CNBC announced that MRK was up today on a Lehman Bros. upgrading of its target price to $50 a share. That would be virtually 20 times the '07 estimate of $2.54. Pfizer in '07 will earn only 10% less per share than what MRK earns. And of course Pfizer doesn't have the lawsuit overhang that MRK does.

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    • Well, aren't you going to thank me for explaining it to you?


    • He is obviously talking about the fact the PFE made some contractual deals with PBMs and other providers to ensure Lipitor stayed on the Formulary for 2007, by making some price concessions for 2006 before cheap Zocor is available. Even the PBMs can be tempted to give away some future cost savings to get something "right now."

      But clearly the impact of these deals will go away when 2008 hits, meaning there is a good chance Lipitor market share will then take another quantum jump downwards.

      Isn't it obvious from what he said?

    • Of course you don't.

      The rest of us know what he is talking about.

    • The last big expiration in this 34-month period of six big clustered expirations comes to an end in only ten months with the Norvasc expiration. Once that has worked its way through the system, there will be some years of truly outsized earnings growth as there will be few expirations to retard that growth.<<<<

      LOL That is exactly the problem. After that comes the Lipitor expiration and stop acting as if there is a replacement when there may not be one.

    • For all the talk earlier in the year about patent expirations, generic Zocor, etc, did you notice that revenues for the year will be 1% to 2% HIGHER than last year? <<<<

      That is what they say, but many don't believe that due to contract expirations that may have kept Lipitor afloat to a degree.

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